Renovating Your Office To Maximize Efficiency

Renovating Your Office To Maximize Efficiency

Renovating your office can be fun and exciting, it can also be costly and expensive. A renovation usually happens as your company grows and changes and you want to make sure that the space reflects what your company has grown into and what you have to offer. If you are a company that holds recycling in high regard, then you can reflect that by using re-purposed furniture and green ways of working. You may want to consider getting a skip or dumpster from This will help you dispose of any unwanted furniture or equipment with ease. Your office needs to reflect the age we’re in – being fully equipped with the right technology. You also need to make sure that your design doesn’t just reflect who your company is now, but also where it has come from.

And most of all, you need to make it a space that employees and clients are happy in. Your employees need to feel comfortable and happy within their workplace – and that is what you want to happen because a happy employee is a creative one, and a creative one comes up with ideas that boost your company. It also needs to make clients happy and comfortable. Think of it as a store – if you go into a shop and immediately don’t feel welcome, you’re just going to leave. The same thing happens with clients – they are more likely to sign on with you or buy from you if they feel good about your company.

Open Plan

An open plan office promotes inter-department collaboration, meaning that your employees have the opportunity to build on ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to be explored. It also allows the office to breathe. Which sounds weird but the air that circulates in a closed space becomes stale and makes people lethargic. Use glass partitions or half walls to create the illusion of separate spaces.


Natural light is better than any type of artificial light, so make sure that your office gets plenty of it. Install a skylight if you can, to optimise the amount of light that can reach your office throughout the day.


Plants in the office space creates more oxygen – that’s just how nature works, But that uplift in oxygen in the workplace creates the same effect as the open plan and natural light; a healthy and creative work space. You can couple the half walls with tall plants to build more private areas. Choose plants that don’t need much care, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them blooming.


You might not have ever thought that you would need to spend time ordering the right toilet partition for your office WC. But that, and so many other aspects of the toilets should be under your consideration purely because it’s your staff’s comfort that is up for consideration. And not just your staff, but your clients to – one of the biggest judgements people make about a place is based on the facilities offered. Working with renowned companies like can help you take your facilities to the next level.

Multiple Spaces

If you can, use multiple spaces throughout the office. Having different environments can really promote creativity. You could also use the spaces as different meeting rooms if you have a high number of clients who visit the office. You can also use these spaces for when people are collaborating on a project. You can have a typical boardroom, and then some smaller more informal rooms. Also, think about an area for your staff to eat in, not everyone likes to go out on their lunch breaks, so make sure you accommodate them too.


If your office isn’t fully accessible to disabled people, then one would be the time to change that. An office shouldn’t just have a ramp to get through the front door and a disabled access toilet. Having a fully accessible office means having adjustable height desks, the resources to print in braille, facilities for a support dog, and routes that are even and free of obstacles.

Privacy When Needed

Urinal partitions play a vital role in maintaining privacy and hygiene in public restrooms, like toilet partitions. These inconspicuous yet essential fixtures offer users a sense of personal space, allowing them to comfortably use urinals without feeling exposed to the gaze of others. By providing a physical barrier between users, urinal partitions contribute to a more comfortable and respectful restroom experience.


Remember that your staff is going to be at their desks 99% of their workday. You need to make sure they are comfortable. Good quality office furniture is easy to get and not too expensive. If you have a member of staff who you know has a back problem, then compensate for that and get them a well-supported chair. It’s also worth thinking about the seating in the reception and any other space your clients will inhabit. You want them to be comfortable and welcome.

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  1. I agree that renovating your office into a well lit and unique working space has a positive impact on employee productivity. However, you can also opt to have an offsite meeting at a creative meeting space to enhance employee creativity and performance.

  2. Very bright ideas for renovating the office. I agree that the closed office chambers do make people lethargic, an open office keeps people fresh and more conducive for collaboration. Making office comfortable for a disabled person is a must if you call yourself an equal opportunity employer

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