Reasons A Company Needs A Motor Vehicle Report

There are multiple benefits a company can gain from obtaining a Motor Vehicle Report or (MVR Report). Anytime there is a company vehicle involved where there are deliveries made, and an employee has access or is required to operate that company vehicle, an MVR Report can save the company many headaches. The report can give the company insight into the prospect’s complete driving history. All of the information can play a heavy role in deciding whether the company will hire that particular prospect. The report shows the driver’s license status, DUIs, or any moving violations that the company needs to know about before hiring an individual. The main reason for knowing this information is due to the company’s insurance policy purposes. 

Reasons A Company Needs A Motor Vehicle Report

The Company’s Insurance Policy

When the company owns a vehicle for deliveries or loan out to their workers for business travel, the company has to consider standards when hiring the car or truck drivers. In all cases, the company is at the insurance company’s mercy. Some companies will allow only one moving violation, but there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding DUIs. Most companies want a clean driving record to keep their premiums for insurance at a lower cost. At its discretion, it is the better-qualified candidate to operate the vehicle while performing the companies affairs. There are some disclosures where the company may hire workers with a clean driving record. Still, once they receive a moving violation with the company vehicle, they may be terminated or moved to another position where they can no longer operate a company vehicle. They must maintain a safe driving record throughout the duration to oblige the insurance company’s policy. 

Companies in Need of an MVR Report 

A company may have a van, truck, car, 18-wheeler, limo, or any vehicle that their employees will have access to when performing the company’s projects. When the vehicle is a car or truck, the company will only need a regular Driver’s License Class E driver. In other cases, vans or small buses may be used to haul a few workers from point A to point B, and a Chauffeur’s License or Class D license is needed. The rest, a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL, is required with a Class A, B, or C, depending on the size and load haul capacity. An MVR Report is critical for the company to get the best workers with the best driving records available. They want to ensure their vehicle, passengers, loads, and employees remain safe and secure.  

What is Listed in an MVR Report? 

Everything listed on the MVR Report of an applicant is listed discretely but in detail, for the company to make the proper decisions. All of the information comes directly from the state department of motor vehicles, and it shows if the applicant’s Driver’s License is valid or suspended. Depending on the state laws, most MVR records stay on file for three years. Other states will keep the records from five to ten years. Only the state listed on the license is going to have the updated information. If the worker lived in other states before their current Driver’s License, it would not show up on records. The company will require the applicant to give their full name, the state listed on the license, and the Driver’s License number. When the information comes back, it will have the status of the license, class of license, restrictions, suspensions, and moving violations. 

Protecting Your Company

The more information the hiring manager knows about the applicant, the better chance of getting the position. If everything comes back clean on the MVR Report, they can look into the work ethics and other aspects that may make the employee a good fit for the position. All companies are in business to stay in business. The overhead of insurances can make or break a company’s profits. When company vehicles are involved, it is a luxury for the employees. Keeping the best drivers is the only way to keep the luxuries. Screening the team is what keeps a company in operation with reliable workers. These methods are only there to protect the company from getting in a legal bind. 

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