Protecting Your Business: 7 Crucial Reasons You Need to Think About Your Workplace Garage Doors

It can be extremely frustrating and heartbreaking to have something you have worked hard for taken away in an instant or damaged, which is why it is so important to try and protect your assets as best you can.

Home and business security should always be a top item on your agenda and it makes good sense to take all the necessary steps required to guard what you have away from prying eyes.

Here is a look at why you need to think about protecting your business assets and why external doors like your garage doors are such a crucial first line of defense.

Making door security a top priority

If you run a business from home or have business premises close by, you will have the same sense of urgency about the need to keep all of your valuable stock and equipment as safe as possible.

Insurance can help cover your losses in the event of a burglary but you really don’t want to experience that scenario if you can help it, which is why it pays to do your research and install a garage door that offers the best level of security and protection.

Having a strong and robust garage door that looks smart is a good starting point and it should be remembered that the older your door is, the more likely it is that it will have poor security features, making it more vulnerable to a break-in.

Technology and improved construction methods have combined to ensure that modern garage doors can offer a good level of security features, and you can read more about that to get up to speed on what is available.

If your current garage door is past its prime, you could be taking risks with your home and business security that could be avoided with an upgrade.

What type of garage door should you choose?

There are different types of garage door available and although most of them should offer an improved level of security in comparison to older versions, some types will probably be better than others, if security is a primary concern.

The classic up and over garage door is often the default choice for a lot of residential installations, but as this can often be the cheapest option, it may not offer the right level of protection for your business assets.

If you do have an up and over the door, you will at least need to make sure that it offers security features like a multi-point locking system and an anti-snap lock, to make it harder for thieves to gain entry.

A side-hinged offers a level of practicality and can be a good solution for easy access. However, it will need to boast some excellent security features such as strong and thick steel panels, and a steel frame with more than one locking mechanism, if it is going to be considered secure.

Roller doors should be at the top of your list

If you are searching for one of the most secure garage door options available the default choice will often be a roller door.

The fundamental reason why a roller door design wins over other types when it comes to security is that an automatic roller door doesn’t offer thieves any specific weak leverage points that they can attack or a clear point of entry.

As with the other types of garage door available, you will find that different roller garage doors will offer varying levels of security features.

The price will often dictate how strong and impregnable your garage door will prove in the event of someone attacking it with a view to gaining entry.

Look for one that has good quality security rails and offers strengthened top and bottom slats, together with a sophisticated locking system.

Consider automation

Another option to consider when you are choosing your garage door is automation.

The obvious benefit attached to having an automated garage door is the convenience of being able to gain access to your premises at the touch of a button.

Using automation can also help improve security as you won’t have any external locking hardware to try and protect from intruders.

The way most electronic roller doors work is that they are designed to maintain a level of downward force on the door until the button is pressed on your remote and the door opening mechanism is activated.

This security feature should make your automatic roller door more resistant to a forced entry compared to a manual version.

Other considerations

If you are choosing your garage door for business purposes there are other features and functions that you may want to consider in addition to security considerations.

It is likely that you might want regular access to your premises if you are taking deliveries and people are constantly coming and going through your doors.

You don’t want to waste valuable time by having to wait for the door to open and close each time, which is why there is always the option of a high-speed commercial garage door to consider.

If constant and regular access is a specific requirement due to the nature of your business, give consideration to the opening and closing speed of your door in addition to its security features.

Serving the public

If you are running a business that is serving the public, you want a garage door that is aesthetically pleasing as well as offering easy access.

Aluminum section doors might be a good solution as they can good pedestrian access and can be made to look attractive while making it easy for customers and employees to come and go with relative ease.

Risk of fire

Another aspect you will need to think about is fire security.

Rolling fire doors can be used as an important line of defense in the event of an emergency situation, providing a barrier that will help stop or delay the spread of fire through your building.

A rolling fire door will be wired to automatically close when the alarm is triggered by fire or smoke.

As you can see, there are plenty of viable options when it comes to choosing a garage door for your business, and making the right choice could be crucial for any number of reasons.

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