Online Assessment Tools and its Benefits

Online assessment is a test that is conducted online by institutions or organizations to recruit or appoint various candidates. It helps in assessing and evaluating if the candidate is fit for the job so available. It helps in evaluating the person, his skills, knowledge, and other traits which might be important for the performance of a job. It makes the whole process of interviewing easy, fast, and advance. Since it’s conducted over the internet it can help in connecting candidates across the globe and choose from them. It helps in providing greater scope to choose from. It also helps in saving a lot of time, effort, or money which otherwise would have gone in manual work and manual interviews.

Online Assessment Tools and its Benefits

 Benefits of online assessments

  • Helps in dealing with a huge number of candidates: When there are a large number of candidates, the screening process, shortlisting, and various telephonic rounds make the whole process lengthy and detailed. It also increases the chance of error. However, in the online method, a major chunk of unnecessary candidates or candidates who do not fit are rejected at a very earlier stage before calling them personally, which saves a lot of time and effort. Thus, it is a better option when the number of candidates is huge. The status of candidates who have completed the test, cleared, and paused can be easily monitored. They use video interview software.
  • Easy customization and vast questions: Every organization or institution has to assess different traits and features. They need a different set of questions on which they will judge and evaluate their skills. Online assessment easily allows us to build questions that would be relevant. With changing times and changing needs, the questions and methods can be easily adjusted and updated. Also, a large number of questions are available online to choose from. One can easily design a test and leave it to the candidates to complete them. MCQs, question answer, one word, tick the correct, and many other methods of questions can be framed. Experts can be used to design the questions that will make it easy to identify and evaluate the skills.
  • Secure environment: Though online platform sometimes becomes an unsafe area. However, it can be ensured that the tests conducted and tests taken are purely secure and true. Video recording, auto, or live recording, all this can help in ensuring the credibility of results. It can be monitored that if the candidate is seeking help, or browsing other websites to ensure that the tests so taken by the candidates are fully credible and authenticated. With proper steps and care and security keys, the safety and reliability of the tests can be ensured.
  • Post-assessment evaluation: The assessment of the test is very important. The amount of time spent on each section, the nature of questions that went wrong, or that were right can be easily evaluated.  It can be easily monitored which are the strong areas of the candidate and which are the weak areas. It helps in the true and reliable assessment of the candidate. All this helps in better decision-making. Instant evaluation can be done and analyzed according to the requirements of the interviewer can be done.

Traditional assessment methods v/s online assessments

  • Methods: The traditional assessment involved pre-scanning, pen, and paper tests, so many telephonic rounds and face to face interviews.  However, the online method involves online pre-scanning and online interviews, which makes the whole process simple and easy. Before calling them physically, many levels of shortlisting are already done. This is a very fast and cost-effective manner. It saves a lot of time and effort that otherwise would have been gone in the offline method.
  • Cost: The traditional method involves so much of paper-work. It is characterized by so much of hassle. However, conducting these surveys online saves both sides with so much hassle, paper-work, and other manual formalities. Thus, online assessment saves time, money, and effort of people involved in it.
  • Choices: The online method makes the whole procedure simple and helps in focusing on just the candidate and his interview. It helps in finding the right choice for the job. The traditional method may also help in finding the right person, but the chance of error is huge because of all the formalities and processes.

Due to such differences, more and more people are shifting their methods from traditional ways to online methods.

Various online assessment tools are

  • Psycho-metric tools: They evaluate the personality, skills, behavior, traits, and other such attributes of a person.

Various psychometric tools are-

  1. Behavior assessments
  2. Personality assessments
  3. Cognitive assessment
  4. Technical tools

These judge logical thinking, critical reasoning, and such other skills in the candidates. Various technical tools are-

  1. Coding tests
  2. Language proficiency tools
  3. Role-based tests

Considering the benefits that online assessment provides, it can be said that it’s a better way of conducting interviews. It saves both the parties from a lot of time, effort, and money which otherwise would have gone in manual or in-house interviews. It helps in making the right choice of candidates with all the right qualities that are needed to perform a particular job. Various advanced-level online interview software, it can be ensured that the interviews so conducted are reliable, secure, and true and that no misconduct has been done by the candidates. For future references also such tests are beneficial. The scope of these tests is huge and is likely to prove to the advantage of the organizations in the future.

Recruitment, succession planning, and training and development constitute a very important role in today’s dynamics of the organization. Online assessments help in fulfilling these requirements most efficiently and reliably. The results of these tests can be used for present and future reference. Its results can be modified to suit various requirements of the job. Also, with changing times and circumstances the tests can be modified which helps in locating and identifying the skills the interviewer is looking for in the given candidate. Considering the global boom and shifting of work to online platforms, online assessments are a good method for recruitment.

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