Office Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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If you are looking for a way to refresh or revamp your workspace, then generally renovating is the go-to strategy. It will not only help you optimize and create a more functional office space for you and your employees to work in, but generally, it will make coming to and being at work more pleasant and comfortable for everyone. However, there are several factors that you should consider and be aware of before renovating your offices. Here are a few common mistakes that businesses can make, which if not dealt with could cause problems further down the line.

Compromising on low quality for low costs

Something that people will still gamble on is “getting it done cheaper”, which is seldom advisable to do. If someone is charging or quoting your work that you consider to be too expensive, then the chances are this company or person has the relevant knowledge, skillset, experience, and tools required to do the job the first time, and correctly with long-lasting effects. Similarly, if you were to find someone who can do the job but cheaper, you might not be affected straight away, but you will likely pay for your corner cutting later down the line. So, avoid compromising on low quality for low costs, and get it done properly the first time by the right contractors for the job.

Not planning in the correct maintenance and aftercare for your office

Another area that you could falter on with regards to renovating your office space is organizing proper aftercare and maintenance once all renovations are complete. This should be taken into consideration so that your office does not quickly fall into disrepair, leading you to re-do all the work. Some maintenance contractors will be more frequent than others, but all are equally as important. For example, you will most likely need to have cleaners visit daily, gardening contractors every few weeks or so, and then even less frequent but just as important are commercial roofing, electrical and mechanical contractors.

Failure in setting a reasonable budget

Sometimes, you can just run out of money if you do not plan a reasonable budget to start with or do enough research on how much the project is going to cost you. So, before you start planning work in, you should make sure that you gather all the relevant quotes for labor, time scales, and materials and ensure that you are not stretching your reserves.

Planning for disruptions during the renovation

One of the biggest problems with implementing a renovation is that it will generally disrupt areas of your workspaces as work is carried out. What you must be mindful of, and properly plan when this work is carried out, and at least impact your business’s day-to-day running. This could be done by planning the work over a weekend or even through the night, but it could also be the case you need to close for a few days to a week.

There are many other factors to consider, but these are a few of the common ones that could catch you out.

Overlooking Furniture

Everyone thinks of changing around the layout, adding new rooms, and similar options when renovating an office. You’ll need to pay attention to the furniture, which is worth upgrading just as much as the rest of the office. Make sure the options you pick are comfortable and practical for your office.

You can pick these up from multiple places, with Office Pros Online and similar options being quite affordable. By looking around, this could be one of the more affordable parts of your office renovation.

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