Make Sure Your Web Design Startup Isn’t a Dud


With more and more people able to work from home these days, jobs like web design are becoming a lot more attractive to many people. Of course, this sort of pursuit isn’t the easy ride that a lot of people assume it’s going to be. Even those with extensive experience in web design may be underestimating the task at hand here. Take a look at this quick guide to ensure that your web design business isn’t a dud.

Get the right help

Whether you’re going to employ other people or you’re going completely solo and freelance, you need to ensure that the right people are in your corner. It’s really best that you seek out assistance in some form from people who have been in your position. People who have some sort of experience starting a web design business, such as Joseph Kashurba, will have advice that could guide you in this endeavor. After all, people like this will have many successes and failures under their belt, and their experiences with both can help you greatly!


Widen your skillset

I’m going to assume that you’ve got some chops when it comes to web design. This being said, I’ve known people who have attempted to get into this business without any of the required skills. Web design isn’t a walk in the park – and your skillset doesn’t just require the artistic side of things. You’re also going to have to have some knowledge of web development, especially if you’re trying to make a business out of this. Consider a master course in web design and development.


Consider your startup costs

One of the reasons so many businesses fail to launch properly is because they underestimated the costs of actually launching! Even freelancing is going to come with its own costs. Think of the equipment you’re going to need. You’re going to need a computer that can handle all of the tasks you can throw at it – a slow laptop is hardly going to be able to keep up with you. And what about the software you need? You have to make sure you’re working with the best. Calculate these costs carefully.

Create a killer portfolio

New clients are going to decide whether or not to work with you based on the strength of the work you have on show. That means that having a killer web design portfolio is absolutely key to getting the business you need to stay afloat. But what if you haven’t actually designed any websites for people yet? You could design some placeholder websites, but your best bet might actually be to do a couple of free jobs for local charity or community organizations. This gets your work out there.

typing on your website

Know what to charge

You need to cover your costs and make at least a little bit of profit if you want your web design business to be a full-time endeavor. Any budding entrepreneur knows the importance of protecting their profits. So when you’ve calculated your costs, see what the competition of your tier is charging. Use this information to decide how much to charge people.

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  1. Hi Dequiana Jackson, I read this post with interest. In your post you mentioned some helpful anchor links. Those are really helpful for us. Now a days without a more professional portfolio of Webdesign, it is so hard to get a good job from any marketplace or from any client.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this informative helpful post !

  2. Most of the expertise talk about simplicity. Yes, I also agree on this point. Most of the web designer do this fault and make a heavy design. Which is really bad and also bad for the users too. So by following this respected expertise, we should try to make a simple design which looks colorful and also user-friendly. 🙂

  3. I think the portfolio is mandatory. Nowadays people visit a site and try to find some source which makes them confident that site is trustable. A good portfolio can be a solution. I think so and I always preferred this section when I make a new website, new web design.

  4. Web design is not without its benefits. Client work is endlessly varied, and you’re always learning new things.
    It’s a ludicrously easy industry to enter too – all you need is a computer, Internet access and time. There’s plenty of demand for cheap work to get you started, and fair rates for good work if you can do it.

  5. If you are finding any skill development course so you can join a digital marketing course and improve your skill.

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