Looking to Expand Your Business? Consider Mississippi.

small-businessHas your business gotten to the stage where one office is no longer enough?  Is your client base expanding rapidly?  If so, then consider the state of Mississippi for your next office, even if it is not your home state.  There are a host of reasons why Mississippi should be your next business location.


Why Mississippi?

  • Highly ranked.  In 2013, Area Development Magazine voted Mississippi among one of the top ten states for doing business.  In this study site and facility planning consultants rank states on twelve different measures, including the cost of doing business, incentive programs, and competitive labor costs.  Mississippi ranked #9 overall.
  • Business incentives are plentiful.  To attract new businesses to the area, Mississippi offers several incentives to companies looking to relocate or expand.  Among these are property tax exemptions, credits for job creation and even credits for training local employees.  Business grants and loans are also available.
  • Programs specifically for growth sectors.  In 2010, Mississippi committed to putting incentives in place for businesses in the clean energy manufacturing, data center and aerospace industries.  The Mississippi Aerospace Initiative, Clean Energy Initiative and Data Center Incentives Programs offer a 10-year exemption from income, franchise, sales and use tax for the start-up of your facility, if you qualify.  Some well-known companies may already be taking advantage of these programs, such as Stark Aerospace, a global aerospace defense contractor.  This is Israel’s largest industrial exporter and has two facilities in Mississippi.
  • An educated workforce to choose from.  Mississippi has 15 community colleges and 8 public universities.  Four of these are research universities.  College classes combined with on-the-job training and customized short-term training ensures you can find employees that are not only ready to work but ready to succeed.
  • Mississippi provides global access.  For companies that need to transport goods from their facilities to places out of state, Mississippi offers four interstate highways, 17 rail systems with more than 2800 miles of track, and 15 ports, including two deep-water ports on the Gulf Coast that provide global access.  Because the state is located between Atlanta and Dallas, it is in the heart of one of the fastest growing regions in the nation.
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