Link Building Myths That You Should Bust Today

The moment Google changes an algorithm, a surge of brainstorming and discussions gets triggered off globally. This is true for all updates and link building exercises as well. As per experts in link building, as long as search engines are secretive about their algorithms, the Internet will be rife with gossips, myths, and spams. Read on to know more about back link building practices and how you can attain higher business success with the right knowledge in place.

Link Building Myths That You Should Bust Today

Myths About Link Building

Myth #1: High Domain Authority is necessary for linking

Link building and SEO agencies talk about high-quality backlinks and Domain Authority being valuable mechanisms for link building campaigns. As a layman, you may find yourself at your wit’s end when it comes to chalking out your digital marketing campaigns. The challenge lies in understanding what’s correct and what’s not from these link building myths that are abundantly found on the web. Do know that Domain Authority (DA), Trust Flow, and other third-party metrics are mere barometers for comparing the performance of your website with others. They give little idea about the signs of good ranking or how your backlinking should work. Laying too much emphasis on DA for junk link campaigns is a myth that needs to be busted at the earliest.

Myth #2: Nofollow links may provide zero link juice

Unfollow links attributed to tell Google to stop following them. As per the next myth, these unfollow links have ceased to be worthwhile metrics in the world of SEO. However, the truth is something else as unfollow links still carry a lot of weight and cannot be done without. They help drive traffic that serves to be an important ranking factor. Besides, the Suspicious looking backlink profiles are often overrun by Google through do-follow links. As Google is aware of the existence of unfollowing links, they continue to provide some link juice.

Myth #3: Links should be distributed as soon as they are built

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not essential to distribute the links as readily as they are built to avoid the wrath of Google. Google’s Penguin algorithms behave like a surveyor of websites boasting of unnatural backlink profiles. These profiles get the red flag in case Google finds them spammy or suspicious. However, this does not necessarily mean that the links have to get set into any bracket. So, instead of getting hasty in the act of spreading the links, let them pick up pace naturally. Keep focusing on better and higher-quality backlinks from trusted sites only. Google will never hold you to ransom for the number of links pointing to your website.

Way Forward

The outcome of these myths is that businesses will understand and follow the wrong strategies and norms. They will end up with damaged backlink profiles and avoidable Google penalties. The results can be costly and irreversible. Given this, it’s very important to ascertain the truth and separate them from the myths of link building.

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