Learning the SEO Lingo

Learning the SEO Lingo

Learn the SEO lingo so you can quickly address needed changes by contacting a Denver SEO company to update your site. The 2021 most important lingo goes like this:

You need a great GUI and site organization to provide the UX you need to get people to stay and read your awesome EAT content.

Let’s take those 2021 search engine optimization (SEO) terms one at a time. You need a great graphical user interface (GUI) for your website that easily communicates to every person how to navigate your site and where to find each piece of information. This refers to your menu, layout, and site map.

Your GUI provides a key element in your user experience (UX), how the website visitor gets around your site. When users experience a poor UX, they desert your site quickly and flock to your competitor’s site. You and the search engines know when you have a poor UX because visitors to your site engage in pogo-sticking. If you thought of the children’s toy you bounce around on by balancing on two peg-like pedals, you need to learn that lingo, too. There is a bounce, but it consists of the few seconds a user visits your website, then leaves to click on another result in the search engine results page (SERP). Once they bounce, the search engine notes this, and when enough people bounce from your site to another, the search engine responds by demoting your site.

Your content needs to provide expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT) so, it provides ten times the value of competing websites. You need this type of content to earn the top results.

Providing EAT content means more than simply having an expert write it. You need SEO keyword-rich content that avoids keyword stuffing and uses appropriate grammar for the language in which the content appears. That means you use a writer who can write in the native language using native language or natural grammar.

The length of EAT content depends on the topic and the content of the competition. You need to provide new insights, new information, or more information than your business’ competitors do. This content helps you rank higher in the SERP. Ideally, you earn front page results, and, eventually, you earn top three placement with an ultimate goal of nabbing the top spot and keeping it.

Doing this alone can seem overwhelming. Many businesses turn to SEO experts who can help them achieve the snazzy GUI to make their UX shine and the EAT content to keep visitors engaged and on the site so, you never suffer from pogo-sticking.

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