Information Done Right: 3 Reasons You Should Have Professional Designs for Your Business

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is precisely why infographics have never been more popular. When you introduce a new topic there’s no simpler way to do so than with an easy to digest visual; it’s just how our brains are wired. So why are professional designs so crucial to your business?

1: They put your brand in the spotlight

A professional Infographic Design Service is there to put your brand in the spotlight. By showcasing what you do in a clean, and crisp way it creates something that you can multi-purpose. Web content, sales material, social media content, slide deck presentations; you name it an infographic works with it.

You can think of your infographic as a way to signpost your clients and describe your services in detail. The problem with presenting potential clients with a block of text is that they can soon lose track and have to double back. With an infographic clearly breaking down the way your services can help it allows them to digest things at their own pace. This is an ideal way of positioning your brand in a way that clearly illustrates it as a problem solver people need to connect with.

By integrating your branding in a way that matches what you’re trying to achieve you can create a priceless resource. Go it alone and strike the wrong balance and you can end up with something that actually pushes your efforts in the wrong direction.

2: They are the simplest way to get your message out there  

Your message is so important which is why it pays to work through several iterations. Take a step back and see what you’re presenting from the eyes of your target market. What looks fantastic to you and your colleagues may be overwhelming or overpopulated with jargon for your audience.

By having your infographic designed by a professional who has some distance from your products and services you can build in this feedback from day one. It’s a vital tool and one that will help you move away from the jargon and industry terms that you use as shorthand when speaking to your colleagues.

Also, don’t be afraid to go in a different direction to the one you initially envisaged once you see things take shape. That way you’ll end up with a finished product that clarifies every query rather than just producing more questions for you to answer.

If in doubt, take a look at any story on the economy or housing market where infographics are used to snapshot complicated trends and markets. They do a great job at getting a lot of statistics across in an easy to digest way that is more palatable than reading a two-page report. Aim to have your message understood in 5 seconds or less.

3: They are perfect for SEO and rising Up Google’s Rankings

Your infographics are going to be viewed by a potential audience of millions of people online. In fact, professional infographics are great for SEO which means that when deployed the right way they’ll actually help you rank higher in search results.

That is a powerful way of putting more eyes on your brand so that you can reach an ever-growing number of people. With that increased attention you’ll want to make sure that you have everything looking and reading as clearly as possible. A pixelated image or a confusing graphic, just won’t get the job done and could do more harm than good.

A professional designer will be able to make the tweaks and finishing touches that will make all the difference. This will include creating high-resolution vector images that will translate well to all manner of different media. Whether you want to print, tweet, share, or just upload to your website, making sure it looks great is vital.

When it comes to creating infographics for your business, just remember that the professionals are professionals for a reason. If you present them with a concept or a rough layout they’ll be able to apply their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. That way you’ll end up with something that your audience loves as much as you do.

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