The Importance of Collaborating with an Experienced Web Designer

In the past, businesses tended to focus their creative efforts on their advertising departments. Hours have been spent designing posters, leaflets, and billboards. Not to mention radio and television advertisements. But nowadays, you’ll often find that consumers opt to stay home and conduct most of their business and recreational activity from their laptop. Who can blame them? After a long day at work, kicking back and relaxing with a take out and glass of wine at home seems a lot more appealing than trekking to the shops. This is why it’s now time to focus your creativity on your webpage. This is the space in which potential customers will browse your stock and make purchases from your collections. Your web page can make the difference between a customer adding an item to their basket, or leaving and searching out alternatives from a competitor. This is why it’s absolutely essential that you collaborate with an experienced web designer. Here are a few things that they will be able to help you out with.


Your Homepage

Your homepage is essentially your storefront, so you need to create something eye catching to encourage buyers to come in and take a look around at what you have to offer. Studies have shown that users decide in the first four to six seconds of opening a web page whether they are going to stay on it or not. So you have no time to waste. The first page that your customer’s view needs to be enticing and impressive. An experienced web designer, like those at, will be able to come up with something creative, unique and effective.

Consistency of Brand Image

A key area that online businesses tend to experience problems with is the consistency of their brand image. If you employ different individuals to contribute to different parts of your site, you’re inevitably going to end up with an inconsistent and fluctuating image. This is why we’d recommend using the same individual for all of your projects. They will quickly become familiar with your brand’s products, ethics, and values and will be able to do this justice in all areas of your website. This can then be replicated in other physical areas, such as physical advertising like posters, leaflets, and the creation of business cards. Perfect!


User-Friendly Features

Any good web designer will know that ease of use is a priority when it comes to selling products online. This may be especially significant if your target audience doesn’t tend to be all too computer savvy. They will be able to install special features to simplify navigation, getting users from one page to another with as little trouble as possible. They can also add features such as zoom on images, allowing people to get a full, detailed picture of what they’re buying.

Remember that your web page and online presence is all that your customers have to go by. So make it shine. This will ensure that they create a good perception of your brand and return time and time again.

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