How Your Old Content Can Help with SEO


New content on the Internet is created all the time, at supersonic speed at that. The content you created just 10 minutes ago can be flushed down the timeline and shoved into oblivion in no time. You might wonder then how one can continue staying on top of the search engine results page all the time.  Most hurriedly jump to the conclusion that in order to meet that objective of appearing high on the Google search result page, one needs to relentlessly create new content. Then you may regard the old content as useless and throw it into the recycle bin. However, your old content can be given a new life and help with your SEO strategies.

As a digital agency in Sydney with years of experience, Quantum has developed their expertise in this field first-hand and proved successful in this business. As you continue to read this article, you can rest assured the following suggestions will really work with your SEO projects.

To help you get started, here are a few tips and guidelines you can adopt to breathe a new life into your old content.

  • Go Back, Analyse, and Develop New Ideas Based on Old Content – Old content that is related to major projects will help you keep close to your goals as you are striving to make the best search engine optimisation, so go over old data and retrieve these useful and relevant resources to utilise at your disposal. Going back to old content will prompt you to recognise and utilise appropriate wording, so you can effortlessly decide which channel will be the best one to promote your new content. You may consider using some tools to help with the data tracking and analysis, too. It may be true that not all older contents are relevant to your new content strategy, but going over old materials can help you recognise both the strong and bad points of your older attempts and allow you to make the most of them. In turn, more focused campaigns that trigger customer awareness and search viewability may result.
  • Use Old Content with New Keywords and Some Changes of Information Added – It may be true that old content written quite awhile ago can be outdated and not relevant anymore, but many times when carefully going over the older texts, you cannot help noticing that these seemingly old contents are still relevant and have the potential to attract your target groups. So, “What should I do with them?,” you may ask. The answer is to utilise them, but try to include some new keywords into the texts so as to boost their visibility on the search result page. Also, try adding some new information into them as there might be some changes or new discoveries between the present time and the time these old contents were created. Adding the new data will help freshen up the content and improve their relevance, which will further result in higher rankings on the search result page.

You can see that there are ways that you can repurpose your old content to help with your new SEO campaigns. Older contents can be up-to-date if you know how to utilise and make the most of them.

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