How to Make an Advert Not Sound Like an Advert

Adverts are inescapable these days, especially if you happen to be a frequent user of YouTube. Sometimes you might even suffer the pain of an unskippable two-minute advert for a one-minute video. As a result of this kind of saturation, it would be fair to say that adverts already start on the back foot in that they are adverts.

After all, what other concept has so many inventions created with the sole intent of blocking them? We have ad blockers, subscription services, and even the humble skip button on YouTube, made with the intent of ridding ourselves of the irritating curse of ads.

Of course, nowadays, advertisers also need to be careful with their targeting; just ask Meta, who was fined €390m euros for breaking EU data rules last week. The world of advertising and data collection is a minefield.

But what if your advert wasn’t an advert? Or at the very least, what if you could disguise it as something more engaging and valuable for prospective customers? It’s certainly possible, and it can be your ticket to not only reaching your target audience but engaging with them.

Seek content creators

The lines between content and advertising have become increasingly blurred these days, and that plays firmly into your hands as a company desiring to advertise. If you are able to work with a popular creator and you can get them genuinely interested and invested in your product or service, that enthusiasm will inevitably be conveyed to their audience.

Find some overlap between yourself and the influencers and creators that exist in your particular field. After all, you can almost certainly come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Maybe think about sponsoring one of their videos, which can work for both of you.

It’s ultimately about how you define your target audience, and the right influencer or creator can be a huge bonus in turning your advert into something that can’t be ignored. Analyze every aspect when it comes to choosing that creator, as they will all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, you should ask yourself how beneficial their input will be to your overall strategy. Do they have the followers or influence to really sell your product to their audiences? If the answer is yes, then things are looking good for you as a result.

Get some charities involved

If you want to truly ensure your adverts become campaigns rather than advertisements, getting a charity involved can not only help you, but it can make a difference to a common cause that both you and your chosen influencer have. There are plenty of amazing challenges that you can take part in for your chosen charity too.

Whether it’s a sponsored skydive, a long-distance walk, a marathon, or anything in between, charity is something that carries little to no downsides in terms of advertising and campaigning. If you have a catchy tagline or hashtag, it will be impossible to ignore.

The charity offers you the chance to go viral, which for any company regardless of size, is huge. The larger your audience, the higher the likelihood of you reaching your target audience. The opportunities are out there; they’re countless and should undoubtedly be taken.

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