How to Leverage Technology to Improve Your Talent Pool

vacation-freedom-laptop-beachOne area where small businesses tend to struggle is in hiring talent. It’s not always an issue of salary, either. Unless the business is located in a major metropolitan area, it can be difficult to find qualified individuals for the team.

Smaller cities and suburban areas often have a more limited talent pool to select from, leaving the typical smaller enterprise with the choice of hiring people who might not be exceptionally qualified, or leaving positions unfilled.

However, changes in technology have made geographic limitations a much small concern for many businesses. Thanks to cloud technology, social media, collaboration tools, mobile computing, and more, small business owners can build an amazing team without having to set up shop in the big city. In fact, it’s even possible to have a 100 percent virtual team of the best people from all over the world, who can take your business to the next level and beyond.

Cloud Computing

One of the most commonly cited advantages of the cloud is the fact that it affords the opportunity to work from virtually anywhere. This has led to a profound change in the workplace overall, with the majority of employers reporting that they expect to have at least some of their employees working remotely before the end of the year.

While the majority of people who work remotely work from home in order to avoid a commute or to better manage family responsibilities, the growth of remote working options also means that as a business owner, you aren’t limited to hiring only from your local area. You can reasonably expect to open a business in a rural area and hire workers from around the globe.

This opens up a realm of possibility in terms of talent recruitment, especially since flexible work arrangements are highly sought after by job seekers. While managing your workforce remotely does require a high level of trust in your team, and can be challenging at times in terms of forging relationships, it also opens up a world of possibility in terms of who you can hire.

And because the cloud allows you to spend less on overhead (you don’t have to pay for office space or invest as much in supplies and equipment) you can afford to pay more to attract a higher caliber staff. And cloud services themselves don’t have to cost a lot, either; click here to learn more about affordable options for small businesses.

The cloud also helps your team work together more efficiently, wherever they happen to be. Cloud solutions allow for better collaboration whether people are in the same building or on opposite sides of the world. Thanks to cloud apps, your team can work on documents, hold conferences, and work together on just about any project, just as they would in the office.

Mobile Solutions

These days, employees expect to be able to use mobile tools in their work. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, employees can stay connected anywhere, anytime, allowing them to maintain the work/life balance that is a priority for so many.

Implementing a BYOD policy is actually viewed as an employee benefit these days, as employees view being able to use their own devices as being granted freedom, not to mention having the opportunity to communicate more efficiently and be more productive. And combined with the cloud solutions mentioned previously, mobile solutions allow greater flexibility in working arrangements, allowing you to draw from a wider pool of talent who might not otherwise be able to take on a full-time, in-house position but could work on a more flexible schedule.

Social Media

social-media-woman-laptopFinally, social media is a valuable tool for small businesses in more ways than one, but what many owners don’t consider is social media’s value in terms of recruiting. Sharing content about your company and its culture can help build your brand and attract people who want to work for you.

Because the majority of people look for jobs via word of mouth, sharing your openings on social media — especially networking sites like LinkedIn — can help you attract candidates that you might not otherwise have met.

Technology is changing the way that we work, and the workplace of the future will undoubtedly look much different than it does now. However, as a small business trying to attract the best talent, technology can be your greatest asset, and change everything about how you run your company.

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  1. Savvy small business owners can leverage technology to overcome constraints and challenges peculiar to them. One of them is access to top talent; innovative business can go virtual and employ talent across the globe. That’s just a tip of how much technology can offer SME

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