Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Small Business Owners

It’s the holiday season, which is a great time to give back to the clients who have supported your business throughout the year. In this holiday gift giving guide for small business owners, I’ll share a variety of ways you can gift your clients. All gifts are under $100, and one is even free. 🙂

When selecting what to give, remember that the gift is about your client, not you. This is not the time to send out purely promotional items. Yes, you should include a personalized note with your name and company name so the receiver knows it’s from you. However, your entire gift should not be a promotion. That means no gift baskets full of pens with your logo, company calendars and your corporate stationery.

Here are things you can give instead. Which item is your favorite? What’s the best gift you’ve received as a client?

Give a Gift Card – Price depends on number of cards and value chosen




If you know you want to gift your clients but aren’t sure what they’d like, give a gift card. allows you to purchase a Visa or MasterCard debit card. You can use a photo of your own or pick one of the pre-designed holiday themes. This is perfect for a combination gift. Perhaps you can create a personalized card and slip this inside. 🙂

Lotion and Perfume Gift Set

For the client who appreciates smell goods, try one of these gift sets from Bath & Body Works. These sets come pre-packaged in festive gift boxes and bags. Just pick the scent you like and ship it directly to your client.

Bath & Body Works Mini Merry & Bright Gift Set – Beautiful Day – $15.00

bath-and-body-works-gift-setDazzling Daily Trio Gift Set – Warm Vanilla Sugar – $27.00


Wine and Chocolate

Wine and Treats Gift Set – $79.99


If you have a lover of wine on your list, this gift set from FTD is perfect. It pairs Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon with cheese, summer sausage, mustard, crackers, Spanish olives, spicy cocktail, and chocolate chip cookies.

Custom Holiday Cards

Canva Holiday Cards – FREE to design


Rather than picking up a pack of generic cards this year, create custom Christmas cards with Canva. With Canva’s free Christmas card maker, you can design your own custom Christmas cards even if you’re not a designer. Once your card is designed, you can share it via email or social media or print it out to send by mail. This is also a great combination gift and can be packed along with other holiday items you send out.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate Covered Holiday Strawberries – $29.99


These large, ruby red strawberries from Shari’s Berries™ are dipped in premium dark or white chocolate and then topped with chocolate drizzles, sanding sugar and poinsettia candy. This is a great gift for clients with a sweet tooth.

Motivational Journal

“Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You” Journal


This journal by Robie Rogge and Dian Smith is the perfect gift to kick off your client’s New Year resolutions. Each day contains a fear-facing prompt, such as pitching an idea, changing your hair or admitting a mistake, and gives you room to write how you acted on it that day. This year-long journal is not in calendar form, so you’re free to start small and work your way to the bolder challenges.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

These gift baskets contain snacks that can be shared with the entire office. Each one is packed with sweet and salty treats that are sure to delight. I’ve tried many of these treats from Gourmet Gifter. They are high quality, and I’ve even reviewed them here on the blog.

Gourmet Gift Basket #1 – $34.95

gourmet-gift-basket-1Gift Basket is filled with salty sweet kettle corn, flavored puffs, butter toffee peanuts, a caramel crispy treat and salt water taffy.

Gourmet Gift Basket #2 – $69.95

gourmet-gift-basket-2Basket includes salty sweet kettle corn, flavored puffs, a caramel crispy treat, granola bar, salt water taffy, butter toffee peanuts, marshmallow poles, mint nonpareils, chocolate covered gummy bears and ½ lb. of peanut brittle.

Donate in Your Client’s Name


For your socially conscious clients, consider making a donation to their favorite charity in their name. Figuring out which organization to support is a matter of going over previous client interactions. Do they love their college and always talk about their days there? Donate to their alumni association. Are they passionate about helping underprivileged children overseas? Try WorldVision. Do they want to help women and children? Look for a local women’s shelter to support.

Candle Gift Set

I love aromatherapy and have either candles or a warmer running in my home office every day. My husband and I have so many Yankee Candle items here, you’d think we were opening our own store. 🙂 If you have clients who are scent lovers, too, these Yankee Candle gift sets would be perfect for them. Unsure of what they’d like? Try one of these samplers that feature the scents of the holidays.

Holiday Samplers® Gift Box – $11.99


This contains one each of Balsam & Cedar, Red Apple Wreath, Christmas Cookie™, Sparkling Cinnamon and Mistletoe™.

Holiday Sampler Clutch – $30.00

holiday-candle-clutchThis reusable clutch contains one Small Jar Candle in Berry Trifle, one Samplers® Votive Candle in Balsam & Cedar, one Fragrance Spheres™ in Sparkling Cinnamon and one Smart Scent™ Vent Clip in Winter Glow.

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  1. I’m a big fan of journals!! I have tons of them, but I get so excited when I receive another one 🙂

  2. The motivational journal is my favorite option on this list!

    I had a contact tell me that instead of sending out holiday cards & gifts, she sends out cards & gifts on the anniversary of her business. I love this idea, too!

    Chrysta Bairre´s last blog post ..The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Make Creating Your Goals

  3. As a small business owner, I would appreciate any of these gifts. Especially anything that smells nice and can keep me awake in my long hours in the office!

  4. I am saving this as a point of reference. This is not only a great source for gift-giving ideas; but, it is also a reminder that good business is personal. In order to know which gift will mean the most to each client, you have to take the time to establish an authentic relationship with – get to know them. This will allow you to connect and serve them on a greater level that many other miss. Thank you for these suggestions and the reminder!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Good business should be personal. Even if you serve a large base of clients, they will have similarities you can hone in on. It’s important to listen to your audience rather than give them what you think they want. This is true for gifts and for your product/service offerings.

  5. Great suggestions, Dequiana! Most of these I would have never thought of.
    Tamyka Washington´s last blog post ..4 Simple Ways to Get More Leads with Your Blog

  6. Loving this list! The gift ideas are great AND don’t require a ton of time/shopping or cash to send a big Thank You to clients.

  7. I think you can never go wrong with a gift card but all the ideas are great, some I never thought of!!

  8. What a great guide to giving at the holidays! Normally, I like to go with something that the client has mentioned in conversation earlier in the year – helps them know that I care about WHO they are and WHAT they really want. Thanks for the post!!!
    Haley´s last blog post ..Give Yourself Some Grace

  9. You’ve given me some great ideas there, thanks!
    Dermot´s last blog post ..Too Busy For Bliss? How Little You Need To Meditate Daily

  10. This is awesome. I always feel awkward at gift giving events that are not for family members. I don’t want to be too cheap or too over the top. Either one will make for water cooler conversations. I always hope to find the perfect average gift.

    These are amazing gift ideas that are great or anyone!! Thanks for posting.

  11. Great resources! I especially like the motivational journal as a gift.

  12. We love pampering our vendors. When we first started doing it, they were so surprised. We did everything from buying lunch for their workers, to gift cards and even the cookie tins or popcorn. We continue to do it and it makes a big difference. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  13. These are great gift ideas. I was just deciding what to send out so thank you!

  14. Great tips, I like the journal idea. I might just get scared myself and create my own journal of scared tasks to do.

  15. This is a challenge for me every year!! Maybe I’ll get this under control and plan better for 2016.
    Juanita´s last blog post ..Shiny Object Syndrome – Move past your distraction!

  16. Thank you for the holiday gift guide.

  17. Great list of gift ideas. This was a reminder that I need to make sure I connect with my clients more.
    Vanessa Parker´s last blog post ..Before You Throw In The Towel

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