Give Your Blog a Boost: Getting Your Work Into The Limelight

Blogging has grown hugely in popularity in the last few years- as a hobby, as a way to boost business or as a business within itself. Blogging can be very lucrative, and more people than ever are able to stay home and write on topics they love in order to earn money. You get to learn new skills such as social media networking, photography, and coding- and it gives you the chance to meet people too. If you are enjoying writing your blog but hoping to get it out into the spotlight more, get more readers, views and earn some extra cash- here are a few things to try.


Improve The Design

If your design looks chaotic, it could be putting people off before they’ve had the chance to read anything. Bad news when you’ve spent a long time creating incredible content. A few things to ask yourself- is your font easy to read? Do the colors on the page work well together? Are there too many ads cluttering up the space and making your blog look spammy? If you can, work with a designer who will be able to create something far better than you’re able to do yourself. If cost is an option, there are lots of inexpensive and free templates online that are easy to install. They say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover, ’ but people WILL judge your blog and potentially be put off by the way it looks.


Work On Your Photography

Another important aspect of a blog is photos. The images you use are what will draw a reader in, and encourage them to read your words. Use large, clear and bright images. If you don’t have good camera equipment, or at the very least find good quality stock photos that are free to use. If you use bland, out of focused or generally rubbish images, they won’t add to your content and could put a reader off.


Consider Your SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO works by using particular keywords to help people find your blog posts in search engines. If you use the correct words (or strings of words), it means there’s more chance of people finding your blog. It can be a little complicated, but there are tons of SEO companies out there who can assist you. If you’re serious about driving traffic to your site, this is one of the best ways to go about it.


When you spend so much time and effort creating content, it makes sense that you want to push your blog and get it seen by others. And with the right techniques, this hobby of yours could become a side income or even your full-time job! Work on creating incredible, unique content and then build up a readership. The opportunities will start coming in after that.

What methods do you use to get your blog into the spotlight and seen by as many readers as possible?

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