What to Do Following an Accident at Work

It is important both employers and employees follow the correct protocol following a workplace accident or injury. If you are an employee, it is essential to learn more about your legal rights, so you will know what to do following an accident at work. Here’s what you and your company should do following an accident in the workplace.

File an Accident Report

Avoid potential problems down the road by immediately filing an incident report following a workplace injury. Various US states have a limited period for employees to report an accident to receive workers’ compensation. It is therefore essential to report any accident you experienced while on the job, even if you believe you are not injured, as you could later realize your mistake. What’s more, even if you have not experienced an injury, the accident report could encourage your employer to implement stricter safety measures, which can reduce the likelihood of another member of staff experiencing a more serious injury.

Visit a Doctor

It is imperative that all members of staff visit a doctor following a workplace accident, or they should go straight to the emergency room, which should be enforced by an employer. Employees should also ask their doctor if they would like them to see a certain doctor, even if they have not experienced an injury following an incident. You are also entitled to seek a second opinion from a different doctor under workers’ compensation laws.

Report an Injury Immediately

Employees must immediately inform their employer about a workplace injury immediately so that they can file a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf. Even if you reported the accident with no injury at the time, you must inform your employer immediately if you later discover an injury. Do not forget to follow up with the company to ensure they have filed the claim, which you are legally entitled to make.

Consult a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you, unfortunately, have trouble receiving workers’ compensation, do not panic. You will be happy to learn that there are talented lawyers who can help you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. For example, DeSalvo Law understands that a workplace injury can have a physical, emotional, and financial impact on an employee, especially if they are unable to work because of an on-site incident and their employers refuse to pay Temporary Total Disability, which is why you should book a free case evaluation.


It is essential for employees to understand they have both legal and moral rights following a workplace accident. No-one should have to experience an injury at work, which is why it is imperative to file an accident claim and immediately alert your employer if you experience an injury. You also have a right to visit a doctor for necessary treatment and should make a workers’ compensation claim to help you recover from the sustained injury.

Have you experienced an accident at work? Do you have any top tips for preventing workplace injuries? Please feel free to share your stories and advice by writing a comment below.

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