Finding a Summer Camp as a Mommy Entrepreneur

summer-campOne of the things I love most about being an entrepreneur is owning my own time.  I’ve been able to get a schedule where I can both work and spend time with my children.  While they’re at school and the house is quiet, I can coach clients on the phone, write content for upcoming programs and send important emails.  When they come home, I can put the work down for a few hours and spend quality time.  This schedule works great during the school year.  During the summer… not so much.

Since keeping my youngest daughter home hasn’t worked the past couple of summers, this year we’re looking into summer camp.  I wish there was a place online that could show me the positive and negative aspects of local summer camps, a great camping advice blog of sorts.  There are several things I’m looking to learn about a camp.

  • Parent or expert reviews.  The best way to find out about something is from those who have been there.  Being able to read the experiences of others would help me decide if it’s something my daughter would enjoy.  I’d also learn if the camp is clean and the counselors are respectful.
  • Cost and value.  While cost is important, since I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a summer program, value is even more important.  A cheap summer camp where my daughter learns nothing isn’t going to be better than a slightly expensive one where she has the time of her life and learns skills above her grade level.
  • Location.  Safety is always a concern, so having the camp in a good area is of utmost importance.  This also includes field trip sites.  It also helps if the camp is a short walk or short drive away.
  • Dates and times.  Though listed last, this is what I look at first.  Because I run a business, a camp that meets from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. doesn’t do me much good.  By the time I dropped her off and got home, it would be time to turn around and pick her up again.
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