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Winter is here and the weather is horrid. It’s the same every year. But, that doesn’t stop employees moaning about the cold and complaining that the heating needs to be turned up. But, in a lot of buildings, you’re simply limited to use what you’ve got. And, in most cases, it’s not enough. So, you either live with the cold or do something yourself. This post will help you to do the latter, and in the process, improve your business.

  • Insulate

In warehouses and offices alike, the cold is usually prevalent. Even with heating cranked up, it still feels like your sat outside. But, what can you do if your heaters can’t produce enough heat? The best answer is to wrap your building up in a lovely layer of insulation. If you have an office, you likely have some ceiling or wall cavity space that can be used for insulation. And, in a warehouse, you have every single wall to hang insulation. For ceilings, it’s easy. You just need to get your hands on some rolls of fiberglass insulation. You simply roll it out in the ceiling and let it do the work. For walls, it’s a little more tricky. To fill or coat walls, a liquid foam is used. Over a few hours, the foam will harden and take it’s form. To do this yourself, you may need to get some spray foam equipment. But, it’s not too bad; most of this stuff can be rented or leased, so you don’t have to buy it outright.

  • Don’t Turn That Heating Off!

Come the weekend, most businesses shut down and stop work for a couple of days. With the building empty, it makes sense to turn off the heating, right? Wrong! Doing this will make the building much colder for the next working day. Heating up the building from this point will use a lot more fuel that maintaining the temperature for a few days. It doesn’t need to be heated as if people are there; just kept warm. There’s nothing worse than getting to work on Monday and finding the office is freezing.

  • Space Heaters

When it comes to heaters, usually they don’t go the extra mile. And, during winter, it could be that little bit of extra that you need. So, it’s a good idea to invest in some extra heat! Space heaters are very inexpensive, and they operate from mains power. So, you don’t have to have a professional come and fit them. Of course, this will cost you more in power usage. But, it could also lower your normal heating bill. Be careful with heaters like this, though. If they are mistreated, they can be a fire risk. This means that it’s a good idea to have every member of staff trained to deal with them.

Hopefully, you’ll be feeling a little warmer already! It’s not secret that your staff’s performance can be directly related to their comfort and happiness. And, of course, warmth is one of the key components to comfort. This means that you can see any money spent on this as an investment.

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