Developing an Internet-Based Strategy

During the last decade digital marketing has transformed how enterprises promote their products and services and engage with customers. It is crucial that every business implements an internet-based strategy as the vast majority of consumers now research a business online before purchasing a product or service. A failure to leverage digital tools could result in you missing out on a significant number of new leads.

If you decide to commence building a successful internet-based strategy, official Iconic Industry can help. Iconic Industry combine technical expertise with relevant strategies to ensure clients maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. So, now you have decided to develop a digital marketing campaign, where exactly do you begin?

Content marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of the new digital era and arguably is the most important aspect. Creating content will allow you to inform, educate and entertain potential customers, and as mentioned previously, is a great outlet for thought leadership and brand exposure. A few content marketing formats you should consider include blogging, writing articles and news, creating videos and other visual resources, hosting webinars and podcasting.

Determine customer profile

Before you start the creative process, think about your target audience and the type of customer you need to connect with. Building accurate buyer personas will make it easier to deliver targeted marketing messages. The current trend in marketing is personalization, so brands now need to do more to really drive value from their investment. Fortunately, the internet and other forms of tech can make this easier. You can use data and analytics to pinpoint the demographics you need to target and use surveys and beta product launches to laser in on the right audience subsets.

Optimize the website

In addition to content marketing, your website should be seen as the focal point for everything you do. You need to make a strong first impression as consumers will no longer tolerate long load times and cumbersome navigation. They will click away and purchase from a competitor instead. When building and optimizing your web pages, always consider speed, security and the end user experience. Creating mobile friendly content is also important as smartphones now account for the majority of search queries. Leveraging internet tools such as WordPress will make it easier to implement a responsive and professional looking web page.

Don’t sleep on social media

Social media is an extension of your corporate website. It should feature the same branding, look and feel, and be a primary publishing outlet for your content marketing output. There has been a rise in the number of viable social media platforms during the last few years with the emergence of exciting new sites such as Snapchat. You need to identify the social media platform that will be the most profitable for your business. If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn may be the best option, while Facebook and Twitter could be ideal for a B2C company eager to unearth new leads and drive traffic to web pages.

Email marketing

Email is one of the oldest forms of internet communication, but it still has its place in the marketing mix. Email is an excellent direct pipeline for getting in touch with customers and sending them new offers, vouchers and other information. 50 percent of millennials have made a purchase after receiving a marketing email from a brand according to a recent study, so it still pays to invest in this area. Segmenting email to send more personalized messages is recommended, as it A/B testing emails to test conversion and audience responses. Once you have an email strategy in place, try to build automated lead nurturing campaigns to save time and resources.

To conclude, here are a few reasons why internet-based strategies are so important:

  • Increase visibility – An online presence will help your business to drive brand awareness and put your products front and center, while improving SEO and visibility in search engines such as Google.
  • Connect with customers – Social media and email marketing allows you to engage with huge, diverse audiences in key markets.
  • Competitive edge – From a micro business to the largest organization, digital marketing is now seen as a primary method for lead generation and pushing customers along the sales cycle cost effectively. Don’t get left behind.
  • Brand authority – You can position yourself as an expert in your industry by publishing high quality creative on a regular basis. Content marketing can also be used to deliver personalized messages that provide audiences with real value from their exchanges with your business.
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