Could Your Company Be Greener?

Every business owner must take sustainability seriously, particularly if they want their businesses to survive. The fact is that statistics show that half of all businesses don’t make it past the first year, and a quarter of those left don’t make it to five years. Business owners have the odds stacked against them, which is why doing simple things like becoming greener, can be so beneficial. After all, consumers are taking the environment more seriously than ever.

As a business owner, you have the responsibility to run a business that is mindful of the environment. You don’t want to be blamed for the ice caps melting, the polar bears going extinct or an increase in terrible storms. If you are a business owner that cares, it is time to start making some changes and making your business more environmentally sound.

Below are some useful tips that should help you to do that.


Be mindful of water use

This one is easy, all you need to do is encourage your employees only to run taps when they need them. Have signs put up in the toilets and kitchens that ask your staff not to waste water by leaving taps running.

Failing that, you can invest in motion sensor taps. These only run when they sense movement underneath them and turn off automatically. If you want to save water, having motion sensor taps installed is one option. Using a water capping system that allows each user a set amount of water is another.


Take recycling seriously

Ensure that your office has recycling bins, and encourage employees to use them and recycle. To make your company as green as possible, recycling everything from used paper to sandwich wrappers is crucial.

In addition to recycling, another way that you can become greener is by investing in recycled resources. Believe it or not, using resources like recycled paper and toilet roll won’t cost you too much more. It is the little things that make the biggest differences when it comes to the environment.


Have solar panels installed

Using solar energy is an easy way to make your company more eco-friendly, not to mention more valuable. For a greener company, solar power is a great option to consider. It is a long-term solution to saving the environment and will also cut energy costs and increase your business’s value.

Have you decided that San Diego solar panels could be an investment worth making? If so, make sure to look at commercial panels. Domestic and commercial properties require different types of solar power, so it is vital that you bear this in mind when considering your options.


Swap to low-energy bulbs

Instead of using normal bulbs at your office, use a low-energy alternative. While low-energy bulbs tend to cost more than regular light bulbs, they use less energy, so are better for the environment. They also tend to last longer, which is a bonus.

There are lots of low-energy light bulbs to choose from, but LED bulbs are one of the most popular options, as they are bright enough and last for a long enough period, in addition to being affordable.

Making your company more eco-friendly can be straightforward and simple, all it takes is a few small changes.

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