Coronavirus And Its Impact On Businesses

Coronavirus has forever changed the face of the world and how the traditional workforce will operate in the future. In every capacity, the countries of the world have become hostage to the pandemic, and businesses are bearing the brunt of it. 

Not only are the people unable or unwilling to participate in large scale gatherings, be it going out for a coffee or shopping at the mall; businesses are struggling to convince the shoppers to come back. 

Moreover, employee health and safety have become another primary concern of every workplace, causing talent loss in unimaginable numbers. Yet, so many workplaces have been built with the physical workplace aspect, that the infrastructure change cannot happen overnight, and the office bills still need to be paid. The damage has been felt in all industries irrespective of size and production means.

Below you will find an infographic stating the COVID-19 impact and how businesses can build up their coronavirus immunity

The Impact Of The Pandemic

According to the International Labor Organization, COVID-19 is the worst thing to happen to humankind since world war 2, and it is predicted to surpass the damages of that in no time. At the rate the disease has been tearing through countries and demographics, worldwide panic has ensued. 

With no real means to put a stop to the disease in the immediate future, the economy has been taking a huge hit. Trade volume across the world has reduced by 11%. Oil prices have been naturally slashed by 42%. Over a billion children have no access to school. 

Even worse suffering is the manufacturing, retail, and shipment section, where the safety of the workers has become jeopardized numerous times in the past, causing wide-scale panic amongst the workforce. Companies have also been laying off people in record numbers, causing one of the most significant unemployed generations of all time. 

Lockdown Culture

Globally, the coronavirus crisis has caused unemployment in 1 out of every 6 people. The number of productive working hours has been slashed too. Since every government around the world is working on damage control means, people have been forced to stay home during the lockdown, whether they could afford to or not. 

Most major countries have put a complete stop on mass gatherings, public places like malls, restaurants, etc. A generation of the workforce has been suddenly mobilized to take work from home, where applicable. This is still one of the better outcomes for many businesses, as most businesses cannot afford to have the workforce stay at the safety of their own homes. 

How Coronavirus Pandemic Is Reforming Workplace

New technology companies are on the rise, which is taking up the place for workplace interaction. Workplace reform has become a major focus for all companies. Companies that can telecommute are stressing on the importance of staying connected virtually through the rise of communication apps. 

Many information security companies are also filling the gap in security measures that come from a workforce working through a personal network. Overall, these measures have been seen to cause a rising sense of work satisfaction and productivity in the workers. This has also reduced the cost to the company and promoted a greener lifestyle that is fit for the future.

Coronavirus And Its Impact On Businesses
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