Business in The Pandemic Era – How to Realign International Shipping

The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. Even as the lockdowns and restrictions are being lifted, the challenge continues for business owners. Those operating internationally have bigger concerns, considering that they need to realign their shipping and supply chain operations. If you are running such a business, you need to understand the value of realigning these processes for the sake of continuity. After all, you will need to make sure that orders reach the customers on time and in good shape. While a lot depends on the federal regulations related to international shipping, there are a few strategic measures that can help you ramp up. Here are some steps that you can implement as a part of your shipping strategy when you start operating again in the current situation.

Business in The Pandemic Era - How to Realign International Shipping

Be ahead of the international shipping safety guidelines

Even as the restrictions are being lifted, you can still expect some safety guidelines to be in place for organizations. After all, the threat continues to be there with the virus still at large. You need to ensure that your business follows all the safety guidelines as you prepare the products for international shipping and even as they reach their destination. The common ones include following social distancing guidelines, proper hand hygiene for your logistics partners and frequent cleaning and disinfection of the touched surfaces. These are meant to be followed through the entire process, from packaging to pick-ups, in-transit, and during drop-offs.

Develop a new shipping plan

Since international businesses rely greatly on the shipping process, there is a need to come up with a new plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. Things will be different from the normal circumstances now- you may be experiencing a change in shipping volumes and locations or your budget may have taken a hit. Consider these factors while reassessing your current needs and budget. Experts at Shipping Vegas recommend collaborating with a reliable partner that offers great services at optimal pricing while ensuring adherence to the required safety guidelines. Right now, every penny saved matters, but you cannot risk losing your customers and reputation by compromising with the quality of shipping services. If you are short on resources, consider onboarding help for tasks like packaging, picking and dropping off orders.

Coordinate with your freight partner

Once you are through with the planning phase, you need to work closely with your shipping partner. Things may not be the same anymore, even if you have been working with the same company for years. Communicating these changes to them is vital so that they can continue delivering top-of-the-line services according to your expectations. If you have been out of action during the pandemic and want to resume, let them know so that they can be there at your service when you need them. Similarly, inform them about the impending upsurge in order volumes and expected timelines if you plan to increase your capacity in the foreseeable future.

Fighting the pandemic blues is all about working in close collaboration with your business partners. It becomes all the more important if you are serving an international customer base because your shipping partner is actually the lifeline of your business.

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