Building A Strong, Motivated Team: Collaborative Working Made Simple

They say there’s no I in team. As a business manager, there’s nothing more satisfying than being at the helm of a steady ship that boasts a crew that works together in harmony. Teamwork is all-important in both small and large businesses. If you’re keen to reap the rewards of collaborative working, here are some simple steps you can take.


Encourage communication

Communication is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it opens up the possibility for people to share ideas, and work together on projects. It also encourages creative thinking and openness, and it enables employees to get the best out of each other. You’ll often find in a meeting, for example, thoughts come pouring out when people bounce off each other. What starts as a simple comment can soon snowball into an incredible idea. Promoting communication can also help to ensure that your workforce feels able to bring up and discuss any issues, which can then be addressed. There are countless ways you can open up channels of communication. Organize frequent team meetings, and give everybody who wants to the chance to speak. Adopt an open door policy, and get to know your staff members.

Make use of the latest technology and software

Today, it’s easier than ever before for numerous individuals to work on the same project at any given time. Imagine you’re working on a new app, for example. Using innovative modern software like jira test management tools, you can input data from several different channels, and give each user access to an interactive interface. You can collate information, and liaise with others working on different aspects of the same project. You can also use technology such as video calling to link colleagues together. Perhaps you’re working on something with an individual in a different office, for example. You can save time and energy by making calls instead of getting together face to face.


Work isn’t about hanging out with your mates. But there’s a lot to be said for socialization. You don’t need to spend all day every day with your colleagues, but socializing together can do a power of good. Doing things together establishes strong foundations, and enables you to get to know the people you work with better. It also helps to build trust, and identify people’s strengths and weaknesses. As a manager, try and encourage social interaction. Get together frequently to discuss work, but also make time for fun. Plan a monthly outing, or work towards something together. Perhaps you could try and raise money for charity by doing a fun run, or you could compete in a local football or hockey tournament, for example.

Many of us work better in a team. When you’re surrounded by others, you can support, motivate, and inspire each other. If you’re a business owner looking to get the best out of your workforce, encouraging collaborative working is a fantastic place to start. Make it easy for people to work together by providing them with the tools and technology, and encourage cohesion and communication. Spend time together, have fun, and you should notice positive results in no time.

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