The Best Career Options for Behavioral Analysis Graduates

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If youโ€™re interested in human behavior, then you might be wondering what careers you can go into by studying for an online BA degree. Since people are a part of almost every career option today, there is unsurprisingly a large number of options that you might want to choose from. Graduates in behavioral analysis work personally with clients to help them overcome any issues that they may be facing with their own behavior or that of others, in business settings to help with employees, clients and business partners, or in schools and other educational settings to help children and young people. If this is a field that you are interested in, here are some potential career paths that you might want to think about. You can pursue these independently or with a company.

#1. Teaching

Many behavioral analysts go on to work in schools and other educational settings as teachers or support workers for children and young adults. Behavioral analysists are especially important in special education settings, working with people who are suffering from either physical or psychological disabilities and helping them to succeed despite the drawbacks of being in such a situation. If youโ€™re hoping to get onto this career path after graduating from your online behavior analysis program at the University of Cincinnati, experience with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities is highly desirable.

#2. Counseling

Counseling is by far one of the most popular options for trained behavioral analysists to go into. Counseling is a career that has experienced steady growth over the past few years, and currently has a significantly higher prospective career outlook than many other fields in the health and wellbeing sector. Counselors can work in a variety of different settings, and there is the option to operate either privately, or within the public sector. Counselors can work with individual private clients, or within schools, colleges, hospitals, residential programs, and clinics.

#3. Psychological Assistant

Almost half of recent job listings for behavioral analysists require that the applicant possess a strong working knowledge of psychology. With psychology-related careers in the U.S currently predicted to grow at a much faster rate than average, graduates with an online behavioral analysis degree and a strong knowledge of psychology will usually go far. Although you may not be able to practice as a psychologist yourself, you will able to work in a position where you are assisting psychologists with research, clinical tasks and counseling.

#4. Social Work

If your interest in behavioral analysis is due to the fact that you have a strong desire to help others improve their lives, then you may want to consider pursuing a career in social work. Clinical behavioral analysists work closely with social workers to provide superior services to clients. As a behavioral analyst, you will work alongside clinical social workers to provide behavioral management services, empirical evidence-based management, and interventions. These are especially essential services for social workers who are working to assist clients with developmental disorders such as autism.

These are just some of the most popular career choices for qualified behavioral analysists. Which are you considering? Weโ€™d love to hear from you in the comments.

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