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For dog lovers with an entrepreneurial streak looking to make some extra cash or start up their own full-time business, is a fantastic resource. At first glance, the website functions as a virtual meeting place for pet owners and caregivers, but what Rover offers is much more than that. Not only do they connect sitters and clients via their profiles, Rover also  provides sitters with insurance, 24/7 support, and educational opportunities.

I talked to a Sarah, a Seattle area sitter, and she told me that she loves working with Rover because, “It gives me the freedom to set my own hours so I can pursue other interests and still make good money.” Sarah is also a freelance photographer. “I take lots of pictures of the dogs,” she told me. “They’re the best models!”

One of the greatest hurdles for any new entrepreneurial venture is finding clients, but Rover sitters never face that problem. A Rover profile is easily found by clients looking for exactly what you offer. I asked Sarah about her experience lining up clients with Rover. “It’s a cinch,” she said. “I stay booked back to back without having to hunt down dog owners or put up flyers all over the neighborhood, and when I have the time I can schedule several jobs at the same time. Walk this dog, feed this other dog, check on that cat, head home. It’s great.”

Sitters can offer dog boarding or daycare and have dogs stay over at their own home, which is a particularly great fit for people who work from home. It’s a unique opportunity to make money while you make money, and has the added benefit of getting you away from your computer and outside for walks! If your home is dog friendly, it’s just a matter of hanging your (virtual) shingle. Sitters can also offer house and pet sitting while the client is out of town.

Dog sitting can be a source of extra income or a full-time job, depending on the amount of time and energy a sitter is willing and able to put in. Deliver great customer service to establish lasting relationships with clients and line up recurring jobs for increased stability. “Repeat clients are the bedrock of my business,” Sarah told me. “But it’s not just the money, I form friendships with the dogs. They know me, they get excited when I come over because they know we’re gonna have fun and that they’ll be well cared for. And I’m excited to see them! They’re my buddies.”

Whether you want to jump in and start your own business or just make supplemental income, Rover has a lot to offer. It’s a company run by dog lovers for dog lovers, and that caring shows. Sitters are able to relax into the job knowing that Rover has got their back with 24/7 support and premium insurance for both injury and liability. Rover sitters have the freedom of an independent business owner and the support of a company. “I love Rover,” Sarah told me. “My business wouldn’t have taken off nearly as fast without it, and I love having that support.” To get your start today, go to and sign up to become a sitter!

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