Awesome Advantages Of Starting A Wholesale Business

Wholesale businesses are the backbone of almost every industry out there. The majority of products you buy from a shop, the pens you use from the company stationery cupboard, and even the food you eat at a restaurant are all likely to come from a wholesale business. In essence, wholesaling is the art of trading goods for profit – and there are an enormous number of benefits you can enjoy if you take a plunge and enter this lucrative sector. Let’s take a look at some for the remarkable advantages of starting a wholesale business.


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Start small

When most of us think of wholesalers, we tend to imagine massive distribution companies serving customers on an international scale. But the truth is a little different. In fact, it’s easy to start out with a small product range, and you don’t even need to consider the expense of manufacturing plants or fancy retail locations. It’s vital to have some space to store good, of course, but in the early stages, a spare bedroom might be just as useful as a warehouse. It all depends on the types of product you want to sell, and the volume in which you sell it. But, mostly, you can start with next to nothing.

Low entry barrier

Sure, some products are going to be expensive. But the whole principle of wholesale is buying goods and selling them on for a profit, so if your business plan is good enough, you won’t have any worries finding funding to get started. It’s possible to start wholesaling with few costs, however, and many successful companies earning millions of dollars a year started out in a small bedroom or basement somewhere.

Easy to diversify

Most wholesalers start off small but often end up with a much wider range of products. Let’s say you are selling supplies to local schools. You buy in pens, pencils, and scissors, for example, bundle them up in Hipac’s poly bags and ship them out to schools. Once you have a foothold in the market and a regular supply of customers, you can start expanding out into other school-related products such as calculators, whiteboards or chairs. Before you know it, you might have a fully-fledged, complete office wholesale business on your hands.

Cost cutting opportunities

As every business owner should know, when you buy in bulk, you get a discount. And if you are the person selling in bulk, that means an even bigger discount for your business. When you average out these costs, you can expect savings of up to fifty percent than if you had bought from a third party. You can take those discounts and enjoy them as profit, of course, but you can also use them to offer your customers a better deal than anyone else, shoring up a significant market share.

Enormous potential

Finally, there is an enormous potential for any new wholesaler to disrupt almost every industry. If you can strike up a relationship with a new supplier who is creating high-quality goods and offering you a great price, the results can be exceptional. As long as you know your industry, nothing is stopping you from success.

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