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When managers think of business expenses, things like payroll and upkeep are probably forefront on their mind. One cost you might fail to consider is your office equipment and supplies. Equipment like computers and other electronics can cost a significant amount. Additionally, replenishing simple supplies like paper and printer ink can all add up.

These costs can become significant over time. In fact, if you’re not careful, they might become the biggest money waster for your business. Many people look into loans or financing for equipment. But there are many effective ways to reduce business costs on your equipment and supplies. Use this advice to save money! For a visual representation, check out this cost saving infographic by iCredit.com.sg.

Buy In Bulk

Things like paper, pens, staplers, and post-it notes can run out fast. You might find yourself replenishing these supplies often. Buying in small doses can cost you more money. It’s much more cost-effective to buy in bulk.

Many wholesalers can provide you with office supplies in bulk. Buying a large amount that will last you a long time can save you a lot of money.

Buying in bulk also helps when purchasing equipment. Instead of buying machines one by one, some stores can supply your whole office with computers at a discounted rate. It always helps to buy more for less. Whenever you’re buying supplies or equipment for your business, see if you can get a better deal by buying in bulk. There are also other ways to save money on business tech.

Get An Efficient Printer

Your printer is most likely one of the most used pieces of equipment in your office. You and your employees will need to print off all kinds of documents daily, so you’ll want one that’s reliable. Old printers can waste a lot of money by overusing ink and paper. Find one that’ll save you money.

It’s worth investing in a printer that can scan and photocopy as well. That way, you’ll only need to handle refills for one device. You can find multi-function printers which make efficient use of ink and can print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Look around online for the best ones. For instance, there are some you can view from ScopeBi.com.au.

Paying more for one device prevents you from having to deal with all three. Saving on paper and ink cartridges can also be a significant cost cutter in the long run.

Energy Saving Equipment

When it comes to equipment, sometimes it’s the energy usage that costs you more. Having a lot of electronic equipment like computers and printers running can add to your energy bill fast. That’s why it’s always best to find equipment that saves on energy.

Many electronics are designed for greater energy efficiency. A lot of equipment, such as computers, also have power saving features. These are useful if you’re looking to save on your energy bill.

You can also reduce energy costs with how you use your equipment. For instance, putting computers in sleep mode when they’re not in use and shutting everything down at the end of the day will help. You can find more tips at Cityswitch.net.au.

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  1. Hi Dequiana,
    Yes, you absolutely right. Paper and printing ink cost a significant amount of money. I always try to save paper by printing back and front but still the ink cartridges cost me a lot.
    I think I am going to follow your suggestion and buy cartridges in bulk from now onward. Also, I have a laser printer for my home. Can I use compatible and refillable cartridges instead of OEM cartridges to further cut down my cost on printer ink?

  2. My dad’s copier in his office is not functioning well, that’s why he’s planning to buy at least two new copiers. Apart from this, we also need a printer, I agree with you that it’ll be smart to invest in an efficient printer where scanning and photocopy are also available. Well, it’s much better if we’ll be able to find a copier that can print, scan and fax at the same time.

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