An Inspiring Entrepreneur’s Most Loved Smart Phone Apps

4 essential tools for conducting business on the fly!

Entrepreneurs need to stay connected to their businesses at all time. The problem is that if you’re like me, you’re hardly ever in the actual office so you need tools to keep you connected and conducting business when you’re on the go!

That’s why I highly recommend the following four apps for business owners who need to stay efficient on the fly. Here are my inspiring picks for most-loved smart phone apps for entrepreneurs.

1. Skype (Free – for Android, iPhone & BlackBerry)

If you want to communicate for free with clients, office staff, and freelancers and contractors based half way around the world then the Skype is a must have for you and your business. My office never goes a day without taking advantage of Skype’s capabilities on our T-mobile Samsung cell phones—free messaging, virtual meetings, video conferencing, a video calls right from my computer. Skype is the reason I can stay connected to my team, my clients, and my business partners from anywhere in the world where I can find a Wi-Fi hotspot!

2. Evernote (Free – for iPhone)

Have you ever been riding the subway or bus and thought of a great idea only to have no pen or paper handy? This happens to me as a writer all the time, and its super frustrating. Luckily Evernote is like have virtual sticky notes to capture your ideas as they come to you in a wave of caffeine and burn out. Just launch the Evernote app to quickly jot down reminders, notes, to-dos, and ideas via integrated voice records—that means you just record with the app and it will save your ideas for later. You can easily access all of your notes when you sync Evernote across all of your mobile devices—iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc.

3. Dropbox (Free – for iPhone)

Looking for a convenient and secure way to share documents across your company? Look no further than Dropbox. This app not only offers a simple way to share documents—it’s a cloud based system that I use to upload all of my company’s client files, notes, documents, spreadsheets, ideas, meeting notes, and more—but by saving them to Dropbox, we can securely share files and every team member sees the most up-to-date version. We even use this app to store blog videos, images, and slide share presentations. And I know that when I’m meeting or pitching a client, I can always access any file in Dropbox with just a few clicks…so I’m never left high and dry without the material that I need to firm up a deal!

4. Think Free Office (Free – for Android)

Another great tool for taking on the fly documentation is Think Free Office. This app doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creating business letters, proposal drafts, client notes, or even securely storing personal financial information. You can be confident that this app can do it—everything from creating Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and more! Create them, save them, and access them whenever you need them later on.

Pearlie Davis is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, and reviews on popular mobile devices, apps and phones.

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