7 Unexpected Tips to Write A Winning Email

If you are still struggling with your email marketing campaign, then this post is for someone like you. Drafting a winning email will not only increase its click-through rate but increase revenue. A lot of companies are benefiting from the use of strategic email marketing campaign. But there is also a psychological side to this that you need to know.  Once you apply it in writing your email, the results are likely to improve. Here are the seven unexpected ways to draft a winning email that will captivate your prospects.

  1. Use persuasive communication

You should never underestimate the power of words like “because” when writing a winning email. According to studies, when seeking compliance from prospects, such word is about 31 percent effective than when you omit it.

Let your email be emotionally engaging, and simplistic. You can relate it to a situation that occurred in the past, to give prospects an idea of the subject. And if you have challenges with how to go about it, there are myriads of paper writing services that can help.

  1. Don’t start by mentioning the least expensive items

What most people do when they send out emails is that they start by listing the least expensive. They believe that starting with such would make prospects to gain more interest, but the reverse is the case.

If you have series of products you plan to add to your email, start with the most expensive. A similar study carried out shows that retailers who do this may likely get better results. It gives prospects an opportunity to compare prices and take action according to their budget-size.

The “Anchoring” and “contrast effect” are two ideal psychology concepts that give insight into how your prospects are likely to react. They emphasize that people tend to judge one thing by comparing it to another. Your $150 wristwatch is not that expensive; what is most important is the price of other wristwatches in this category.

  1. Use the scarcity tactics

When retailers send out emails using words like “limited offers” or “only 5 left in stock – order soon” it does not necessarily mean they do not have enough items. It is one of the tactics they use to stimulate prospects to react. And there is a psychological study that shows that this works.

  1. Reference your audience

Refer to your audience as “you” when writing an email. It will also make sense using a word like this in your headlines. People will be more interested to read emails directed towards them. Even if you do not reference your targeted audience in the headline, let the body of the email contain words that appeal to your audiences’ emotions, and solve their problems.

  1. Use figures

The fact is that people do not like uncertainty. Therefore, they are more likely to click on a link or headline that states for example “7 ways to burn fat” than one that does not give them a specific answer on the subject. In fact, a conductor study found out that readers are more likely to click on a numbered headline.

  1. Questions

Questions are a very powerful tool you can use to draft a winning email. If you are writing an email about a weight loss product, you can start your headline with a question like “Do you know why most people find it hard to lose weight?

Choose a question headline that relates to the product you are trying to bring to the notice of your audience. It will stimulate them to read your email and take action.

  1. Make it simple but captivating

Your email should be concise, engaging and straight to the point. No beating around the bush. Be consistent, and include short stories that relate to the subject matter.

These are seven powerful tips to draft a winning email. They are solid email marketing techniques that can bring you great results. The most important thing is proper implementation. Interestingly, there are professional writers who can help make the process simpler for you.

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