7 Reasons People Can’t Find Your Business Online

7 Reasons People Can't Find Your Business Online
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It can be a nightmare when people can’t find your business online. If you make some of the most common mistakes, it could hurt your business and cause you to lose customers and sales. Because of this, you will lose money and/or customers in the end. Here are some of the worst.

You Have No Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a plan for how to market itself. And starting an online business or blog is the best time to use digital marketing. An online campaign has many parts, like videos, social media strategies, and pay-per-click. Linx Digital has a lot of ideas for creative ways to market your business. In the meantime, start with the basics, like signing up with Google My Business, figuring out who you want to reach, and building your site with a reputable system like Wix.

People Can’t Find Your Business Online with Poor SEO

SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is a big part of building an online business. You can use PPC ads and other things to pay for traffic. But it’s very expensive. SEO helps bring in free traffic by making it easier for people to find your business when they use search engines. SEO comes in many different forms. But you need to know the basics of SEO, like what on-page, off-page, and local mean. Since 70% of SMBs don’t use SEO, you will be ahead of competitors.

You Have No Clear Niche

If you sell a product or service, it’s usually pretty clear what your business website should be about. But sometimes, you can get mixed up. Or, if you have too many ideas and content branches on your blog that makes money, it can get hard to follow. This will make a search engine’s algorithm less effective and make it harder for you to build a strong domain and niche authority. Google can’t lock you into a certain category, so your site won’t show up in SERPs.

Common Blogging Mistakes

You aren’t the only one who makes mistakes when building a blog for a business. Any blog that used to get a lot of traffic can start to lose it. The Google algorithm is sometimes to blame. But some bloggers make common mistakes that make people less likely to visit their sites:

  • Not thinking about the people you want to reach.
  • Putting together blog posts without the right formatting.
  • Skipping social media promotion.
  • Using only one way to make money.
  • Not making the most of Google Analytics and Search Console.

A common mistake is to not use analytics to figure out who your target audience is and how to stay on topic. It’s a mistake for online blogs to try to please everyone. Also, posting in different ways can hurt your SEO, so your posts should keep the same format as much as possible.

You Need Fresh Content

Over the course of your blog’s life, it’s easy to get lazy, bored, or both. If you don’t keep adding new content, you might see your traffic go down. Google doesn’t like sites that don’t change much because they might not be as useful to a user. So, on a regular schedule, try to add as much new content as you can. If you can’t think of anything to write, hire an SEO service to do it for you or accept posts from blogger outreach to earn money, build links and get new content.

People Can’t Find Your Business Online If It’s Insecure

One of the most often forgotten parts of doing business online is making sure the site itself is safe. A site that is not secure and has slow hosting will hurt your SEO score and page results ranking in a big way. Don’t buy the cheapest web host just to save money. And always use a provider who offers SSL domains, backups, and proactive monitoring. Your users, your team, and search engines will all appreciate it. And you’ll do much better in the SERPs.

You’re Not Naming Pages Correctly

In addition to SEO, you need to know how to name your website pages in a way that makes sense. Focus keywords should always be in the title of a post or page. And in the HTML of a saved page. Also, you should always use hyphens instead of underscores, make the filename easy to read and understand, and leave out words like “and,” “to,” and “for.” For example, a post called “How to Cook for 50 People” would be saved as “how-cook-50-people.”


There can be many reasons why people can’t find your business online. When you blog, there are some common mistakes you can make. But as a business, some of the reasons are not having a marketing plan, not adding new content, and not following the rules for naming things.

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