6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself If You’re Planning to Change Your Chosen Career Path in Middle Age

Changing your career mid-life is a daunting task, and certainly not a decision to make lightly. Whether your motivation for doing so is dissatisfaction with your current line of work or if you’re simply looking for a fresh breath of change, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself first:

  1. Can you improve your current situation?

What’s causing you to be unhappy and is there anything you can do to change it? If the current employer is bothering you, perhaps the issues can be discussed and resolved without you having to look for a new job. And even if that’s what ends up happening, you could simply find a now job position in the same industry or a similar one.

  1. What do you bring to the table?

Is your current skillset something that could be of use to a potential employer? It’s important to have what it takes to succeed, but making your CV as presentable as possible with the help of modern tools such as the LiveCareer resume builder is at least half the equation. Otherwise, how are you going to make it known what you’re capable of?

  1. Do you have a plan how you’re going to find new employment?

Networking with key figures in your industry is your best bet if you want to get noticed. Luckily, modern networking platforms for professionals such as LinkedIn make this job quite a bit easier. In order to maximize your chances of success, you should make sure to keep your profile organized and updated on a regular basis.

  1. What do you truly enjoy doing?

Being good at something and enjoying it are two completely different things. In theory, the most suitable kind of occupation for an individual is something that’s in demand, enjoyable, and pays well. If you need to sacrifice one of the three elements to make it work, ask yourself if it’s worth the sacrifice and if it’s going to make you happier than what your current career path has to offer. Ultimately, an enjoyable job is the most ideal, for example, if comedy is your hobby, you may feel more fulfilled from performing at a comedy club than working a desk job.

  1. If you don’t have the needed skills, what is your action plan?

Learning something new when you’re not a youngster anymore can certainly deplete your energy faster than you might have realized. Although pretty much anything can be learned if you want it badly enough, make sure to be as honest with yourself as possible and determine whether you’re going to stick with it to the very end.

  1. Can you turn one of your hobbies into a business?

Simply put, transforming something you’re already doing into a business is one of the smoothest ways to pursue a different career path with as little turbulence as possible. Going down this road, however, may require quite a hefty amount of patience on your end, since getting a business off the ground is not something that usually happens overnight.


Changing a career when you’re older can be a tough one, but if you want it badly enough to be prepared to work hard for it, there’s no reason why you couldn’t turn your dreams into reality. The only real question is whether you’re willing to make the sacrifices needed in order to succeed.

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