5 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Office Plan

At some point, all successful businesses outgrow their office space. This growth can be evident in the increasing number of employees, reputation or revenue; but as soon as you have the means, you should look into upgrading your office space. It’s well worth consulting professionals to get your office plan right because a well-designed office space is essential in creating a productive and pleasant working environment. Here are five tell-tale signs that you should consider moving to a larger office or renovating the one you currently occupy.


  1. There is a lack of desk space

Employees need their own personal space to be able to work effectively. Even in an open plan office, nobody wants to work in crowded conditions sharing a desk with others or cramped into a corner. It is difficult to concentrate in a claustrophobic office space where the working environment is noisy and uncomfortable, so productivity will inevitably suffer.


Workers thrive in a spacious environment where plenty of private space is mixed in with communal areas. This way staff can feel relaxed and settled and perform at optimum levels. Synergy Vision is a medical communications agency which quickly outgrew the premises they were in. They required a larger office, which would more clearly define the brand they had developed. They moved to 7,000 sqft of space in North London where spacious open plan desking was fitted along with a boardroom, meeting rooms, tea points and spacious break-out spaces.

  1. The space lacks natural light

Natural light is an often overlooked aspect of office design, but it can make a big difference. There are numerous studies showing how daylight improves productivity compared to the glare of misplaced artificial lights. Natural light reduces eye strain and complaints about headaches. If you don’t have enough windows, you can install skylights or create an open environment by tearing down interior walls, using glass walls for private offices and designing an open plan desk system instead of claustrophobic workstations. Angola LNG Marketing is a liquid natural gas producer that acquired a space in Central London and wanted to ensure it was filled with natural light. This was achieved by finding a property with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls for meeting rooms, which makes the office more spacious and inviting.


  1. The decor is dated

If your decor is looking frayed, faded or like it belongs in a different decade, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Wear and tear are an inevitable factor in any office furniture’s shelf life, but becoming complacent is dangerous. After all, your office furniture represents not just your office, but your entire business as well and even if it’s not the first contact a potential client has with you, it’s bound to make a lasting impression. That’s why you should make sure your business creates a positive impression on both your staff and visitors.


The biggest clue that it’s time to redecorate and replace your office furniture is when you get your carpet and furniture deep cleaned – and they still look bad. The same applies to wobbling or faulty furniture; rather than wasting your money on fixing things temporarily, invest in new and improved ergonomic furniture. Property management service provider Helix Property in Mayfair, London, felt that the tired-looking reception and atrium space occupied by their tenants General Electric needed to be upgraded in line with its corporate image. The result was a spectacular transformation with integrated IT systems, wireless charging points, plants and art installations, a backlit feature glass front and hidden storage for a minimalist and modern look.

  1. You’re running out of storage space

Sometimes a spring clean isn’t enough to make space in your office. Paperwork, client portfolios, stationery and equipment are all things that need a home around the office. Perhaps you are unable to designate dedicated areas or zones to specific teams and it is becoming difficult to hold big meetings. By conducting space analysis and desk occupancy studies provided by office interior design consultants, you can find out exactly how much space your employees need to operate effectively. If your current premises isn’t offering enough space according to these reports, then it’s a sure sign that it’s time to move into a bigger space or find new ways to use your space more efficiently. Similarly, if you find that you are putting recruitment on hold because of the lack of space, you are long overdue an office relocation.


  1. The space lacks imagination

It’s good to have designated areas for meetings, individual work and breaks, but sometimes it constricts creativity, expression and collaboration. Modern offices consist of multipurpose spaces, taking account of flexible working and the increasing number of consultants and remote workers they employ. Do these members of staff feel welcome when they come in for office meetings? Do they have spaces set aside for hot-desking?


The most innovative employers make use of every single space from hallways to landings and stairwells. They utilize adaptable furniture and integrated technology. Moveable partitions can create the exact amount of space you need for a meeting and adaptable seating can be temporarily reconfigured to your requirements. If your staff are struggling to find power sockets or places to hold impromptu meetings, you should rethink your office design. Look Ahead, London-based specialist support and care services providers, designed their new premises to accommodate hot-deskers throughout the organization. This has dramatically improved collaboration between teams, resulting in enhanced productivity.

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