5 Startup Growth Hack Tools No Entrepreneur Should Be Without

Growing a small business takes time. It also requires a great deal of effort and perseverance. In today’s modern business climate it has become easier for the smallest businesses and the most drive entrepreneurs to compete with well-established names in the industry.

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Growth, though, is absolutely essential for any serious entrepreneur who wants to survive for a long time. If a business isn’t growing, it’s essentially remaining stagnant and that is going to pose a number of problems (as well as give its competitors a great opportunity to begin stealing away its own customer base).

What is a Growth Hack?

This is essential a method you develop that will take some key problem in your business that inhibits growth and finds a reasonable and cost-effective solution to overcome it. Growing a small business is not easy and any help you get with it is going to increase your chances of success. Here are 5 startup growth hack tools no entrepreneur should be without.

Growth Hack Tool 1: HubSpot.

If you have a subscription to HubSpot, you’re going to be able to do twice the amount of marketing work in about half the time that you spend right now. Entrepreneurs are often running ragged every day and have less and less time for the seemingly ‘mundane’ tasks, but marketing is essential.

Develop landing pages, monitor success, and craft email marketing strategies all from one place.

Growth Hack Tool 2: Network.

No one can succeed in isolation. You might not be the most confident, outspoken person in the world, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out and networking. Find other entrepreneurs within your niche that aren’t competitors, then begin expanding to include people who could benefit from your advice, products, or services.

While they might not become clients, they could be willing to share your information to others.

Growth Hack Tool 3: Evernote.

This is essential for keeping track of ideas. Some of the best entrepreneurs throughout history have admitted to keeping a notepad with them wherever they went, even on their nightstand. Evernote is a great app for your phone, tablet, and laptop and you can take notes wherever you are and have them ready to go when you need them.

Growth Hack Tool 4: Value Relationships.

Everyone … and I mean everyone … who your business comes in contact could be a valuable resource and asset. Send thank you notes, share tips, and ever let customers of yours know about their services if the topic comes up. When you value relationships, it’s going to have a significant impact on your businesses bottom line.

Growth Hack Tool 5: Freelancers.

There are plenty of freelancing sites out there that put you in touch with some quality web developers, writers, video producers, and more. Use them. Keep in mind, though, that there are also plenty of low-cost content creators out there, but quality matters.

Sure, there are some who claim quantity of content is more important, but how will it help you to invest $5 in a blog that no one reads and no one shares because the quality is poor? Make a wiser investment and the rewards will happen naturally.

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