5 Branding Lessons to Learn from Pepsi

The branding world is often mistaken as a limited sphere but it has much more to explore, especially for new businesses. And when it comes to learning, always go for the big guns such as BMW or Pepsi that share a long history of trial and errors before they finally discovered a way to connect via their logo design.

Pepsi, in terms of logo design, has much to share with young brains who want to create a compelling logo for their design.

Why? Because Pepsi has a long history of logo design updates that offers some priceless points when you’re in a process of having a new logo design for your business. Come, let us share with you these gems, these key branding lessons that would help you have a fantastic logo design for your business representation.

5 Branding Lessons to Learn from Pepsi
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Avoid Being Copious

In the very beginning (during 1800s) the Pepsi had a very common logo design that resembled its biggest rival, Coca Cola. But using typographic fonts was a common practice back then and companies never give much attention to uniqueness and developing any relation with the key consumer.

But soon after Pepsi realized their prime mistake, they rectified it and redesigned their logo to set itself apart from Coke.

What they did you don’t need to repeat especially when you’re taking the first step into your industry. In order to have an unmatchable brand identity, you first need to have a unique logo design that doesn’t make you a copy of an already established brand. Because only then you’d be able set the right footing in the competition from branding’s perspective.

Change With Time

We often use a phrase “Time Flies” but it’s not entirely true!

It changes, too!

And Pepsi’s long history of logo updates proves this in a wise way that how companies should evolve themselves with changing time. Just look at its first logo that you’d find very unattractive today but it worked back then.

This is your, another, lesson for having a logo design for your business that you must change it from time to time. You need to stay in contact with your logo design in order to stay prepared for changing times.

Make Connections

Red and blue are an integral part of Pepsi’s logo design from a very long time (from a century to be precise). But why do they use these two colors instead of using one, singular selection as Coca Cola did?

Where Coca Cola targets young people with color red in its logo, Pepsi takes the lead and make its soda a favorite of everyone. In other words, these two colors help Pepsi in targeting a broader consumer base without limiting it to a certain age bracket.

When designing your logo, you must keep this valuable takeaway from Pepsi, too.

Be Timeless

Above, we discussed the importance of changing the logo with time but there’s an exception. Your logo must contain the element of being timeless in order to support your branding plans and remain memorable.

Pepsi did change its logo from time to time but it never changed the core idea or key elements from its logo design, did it?Here, you need to play by the same rule and keep your logo’s true essence in future variations in order to keep it relatable and timeless.

Jus sit with your logo design company and discuss the possibilities for making your logo design timeless regardless of any number of logo updates.

Create Perception

The question remains unanswered why Pepsi switched from the typographic logo to circle shape? Maybe it’s because they wanted to depict their global market share with this very alluring spherical shape divided into red and blue with the help of a white tide.

But what’s in it for you, the aspiring company owner or a passionate businessman?

This very gesture from a big company suggests that your logo design could be used as a message broadcasting channel, too, for showing your company’s success.

Comment below and let us know what did you learnt from Pepsi’s logo design for your own branding strategy?

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