4 Materials Companies Waste Money on Buying New

Raw materials are one of the main expenses in a manufacturing business, which means that trimming a few dollars off their cost can add up to major savings. Choosing recycled or scrap materials over new is a great way to cut back on expenditures and reduce environmental waste. In fact, some materials are so easily recyclable that you won’t notice any difference in quality. Read on to learn about four materials that are a waste of money when purchased new instead of recycled.

4 Materials Companies Waste Money on Buying New


It takes 95 percent less energy to create aluminum from recycled materials than from raw materials. Aluminum is extracted from a clay called bauxite in a labor-intensive process, but the great thing about aluminum is that it can be used an unlimited number of times once it’s been extracted. This makes it completely recyclable and means that recycled aluminum is not only much cheaper but also better for the environment. 


Another metal that retains its quality, strength and durability after recycling is steel. From household appliances and food containers to the car or truck in your garage, a wide variety of products are manufactured from recycled steel. The vast majority of construction beams are even made with recycled steel, so you can feel confident using it in your own operation. Purchase your materials from a reputable scrap steel dealer to ensure high quality.


Copper is a valuable metal that has been recycled for thousands of years. Ancient copper statues like the Colossus of Rhodes have disappeared without a trace because their materials were recycled to make other products. If your company depends on copper for things like power cables and brass stamping, recycled is the only way to go. Who knows? There might even be a bit of the Colossus in your final product. 


Recycled wood has long been used to make things like particle board and paper, but using old wood in its natural state has become a hot design trend. Reclaimed wood from barns, houses, boats and other structures is being reused for everything from furniture to flooring. If your company manufactures home goods, consider adding reclaimed wood products to your catalog.

In addition to cutting costs, choosing recycled materials over new is great for your company’s image. Environmentally conscious consumers are more likely to pick up your product if it bears a label indicating it was made with recycled materials, which means you can not only save money on materials but also increase your profits. 

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