4 Business Website Lies You’ve Been Forced To Believe!

I know many small business owners that don’t have a website for their company. When I ask why, they usually come back with a selection of statements they’ve been told. Most of the time, these statements are lies they’ve been forced to believe. Speaking of which, here are four of the worst business website lies:

You Need To Have Expert Web Design/Coding Knowledge

Many small business owners don’t have a website because they’ve been told that you need to have good web design knowledge or understand coding. Seeing as they don’t have this, and don’t have the funds to hire someone who does, they decide to stay away. But, this is a complete lie. You don’t need any knowledge of anything at all. There are tools out there that will build a site for you from scratch, without needing any expertise on your behalf at all. Of course, you can always hire help if you want it, but saying that expert knowledge is essential is a big fat lie.

It Takes Weeks To Build A Good Website

A lot of people are fed the lie that it will take weeks to get a good business website up and running. As a result, you decide that all this effort just isn’t worth your time, and you’ll take a chance with no website at all. However, as it shows over on websitebuilders.com, you can build a business website in thirty minutes. There are no tricks involved here, you can create a fully functional website for your business in as little as half an hour. So, if you’ve avoided building a website in the past, because you think it takes too much time and effort, now you know that’s a lie and can start building one!

Local Businesses Don’t Need Websites

If you operate a local business and only cater to local customers, then surely there’s no need for a website? After all, most of your customers will find you simply by walking down the street. This is a lie that loads of business owners believe, and it ends up damaging their company. Regardless of how big your business is – or how broad your market reach is – a website will always prove to be beneficial. In fact, as it states on smallbiztrends.com, you could potentially open up another sales channel, or at least start a mailing list. The bottom line is; don’t be fooled into thinking you have to be big to have a website.

You Need To Update Your Website Every Day For It To Be Successful

Anyone with a website might have been told that updating it every day is essential. This is because Google’s SEO ranking factors favour sites that are more updated than others. So, if your site hasn’t changed in three years, it won’t rank highly, and you won’t really see any benefits from it. Having said that, you don’t need to update it every day. Simply updating it once a week or a few times a month will keep it relevant and fresh. It’s easy to do as well, you can update your site using blog posts!


Have you fallen for any of these lies? If so, I hope you’ve finally been able to see the truth about business websites. Now, get out there and build one for your small business!

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