3 Ways to Energize Yourself Before Work

Maintaining energy levels throughout the workday can be difficult, even if you love what you do. Sometimes we find ourselves groggy and tired before we’ve even reached the second half of the day! A great way to ensure that you stay energized for the majority of the day is by coming into the office pre-invigorated. But how can you give yourself a boost in the morning that lasts the rest of the day?

3 Ways to Energize Yourself Before Work

Eat Breakfast

Steak and eggs, anyone? You might not be a breakfast person, but if you’ve been feeling like you need a little extra pep in your step, you might benefit from chowing down in the mornings. We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it actually holds some merit. “Breaking your fast” with a morning meal will refuel your body and give it the glucose it needs to stay energized, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients. There are plenty of great breakfast options as well, like eggs, bacon, oatmeal, or even something quick like a bowl of cereal. Even if you don’t feel like eating, at least make some toast or eat some fruit on your way out the door; you’ll be happy with your choice come noon.


The last thing you might want to do when you wake up is exercise before a long day of work, but it’s theoretically the best time to go. Whether it means going to the gym, taking a walk, or just doing some at-home workouts, exercising in the morning will give you a huge boost of energy and get the blood pumping. You’ll also clear up your schedule after work if you were planning on working out afterward anyway, plus feel accomplished and ready for the day before it even starts. Pump some iron, run on the treadmill, or take a stroll around your local park; whatever suits your fancy–just be sure if you’re going to perform prolonged cardio to wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable and fitted. Failing to wear proper footwear can lead to developing bunions or bunionetts. Visit www.northwestsurgerycenter.com/ for more information.

Replenish Your Body

Aside from eating breakfast, there are several other ways your body needs rejuvenating. One of these ways is to ensure you get enough sleep. Your body is a temple that needs plenty of rest to recharge itself for each new day, and getting by on five hours of sleep will definitely impact your day. Another refueling ritual you should implement into your morning is drinking lots of water. Your body will have gone eight hours without a drop of liquid–unless you happen to take a sip from the glass on your end table at some point–and you’ll be dehydrated. Start your morning off right by drinking a glass of water before doing anything else. You might also pop a multivitamin to give your body a boost before the day begins. Any health-conscious advantage you can offer yourself will help make the rest of your day a productive one.

Closing Thoughts

Staying motivated throughout the workday is highly dependent on how the day starts. If you’ve been struggling with feeling weary and bogged down at work, consider trying out these tips for a week or two and see if your status improves. The way you start your day can determine how the rest of the day will unfold, so start it off right and give yourself the best possible chance for success.

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