3 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing Tech In 2012

Although tech stocks are crashing, tech spending is expected to rise by 3 percent this year, reaching $3.6 trillion. While this gain is meager in comparison to the rising healthcare spending, upon closer examination, the numbers reveal one very strong pocket: cloud computing services.

It is anticipated that organizations are likely to spend over $109 billion on cloud computing for remote backups. This is up 20 percent from last year. That is not all, Gartner states the total outlay concerning cloud services may almost double to $207 billion by the year 2016.

We are all aware to be careful when investing in telecom. The question is how should investors respond to the increase in spending on cloud services? Here are a few of these cloud services:

1. Amazon.com

Amazon created a well-liked hosting environment that is called Amazon Web Services. E-tailor has become an entryway for those who are building and supplying consumers with cloud services and other businesses.

2. Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com is an extremely popular provider of software for businesses. This software is delivered by way of the cloud serving thousands of customers. Marc Benioff, CEO, has led the way in changing the way we look at social media.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft’s new Office features touch screen capabilities, social networking and cloud computing. There is no doubt that these fresh features will attract new users, only adding to its dominant position in the arena of business applications.

Previously considered a way to waste time, social media has now become a comprehensive business communications platform. Microsoft paid $1.2 billion to acquire a specialist site called Yammer. This site competes with Chatter service at Salesforce.

According to Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, this update is the “most ambitious release of Microsoft Office, ever.”

Office remains the preferred choice even though Google offers free-to-use business applications. The search giant has yet to cut into Microsoft’s Office revenue as sales continue increasing annually. Microsoft is hopeful that the touch feature will attract tablet users to its newest Office offering.

For Microsoft to transition its Office for tablet use successfully, it must play nice with Apple. The iPad has about 70 percent of the tablet market. An insider at Microsoft has revealed that they do plan to release this new Office for the iPad.

Microsoft has also made other programs compatible with tablets. It is expected that Microsoft’s newest OS, Windows 8, will be able to run on the PC as well as on tablets. Microsoft now offers its own tablet. Their tablet is called the Surface tablet and, it too, will run Windows 8.

In addition to touch capabilities, cloud networking and remote backups, Office has also integrated into the social networking service Yammer.

It is obvious that the future is bright for social media, as a comprehensive business platform as well as cloud services that offer remote backups.

Javier Rahaim went to a small journalism school where he was able to identify his strengths as a technology writer. He also plays soccer in his free time.

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