3 Tips on Using an International Delivery Service

While sending parcels abroad isn’t as easy as posting a letter (yet), it is much simpler than you might imagine. Modern online couriers have made great efforts to streamline the entire process, presenting a wide variety of choices and options as transparently as possibly. Even so, a little advance knowledge of the hurdles an international delivery can face should enable you to avoid the more common pitfalls.



  1. If your parcel is being delivered within the borders of the EU then the potential problems you’ll face are, thankfully, few. Deliveries outside of the EU will, for instance, require customs documents that detail what is being sent, how much it is worth and the reason it is being sent. If you’re using an online courier to send such a package you should expect them to provide you with the tools necessary to create this paperwork quickly and accurately when you arrange your delivery.
  2. In a similar vein, when you’re sending outside of the EU there may well be customs duties and other taxes that the receiver will need to pay. If you are at all unsure about how any customs duties are handled in relation to your delivery you can save yourself (and your recipient) a great deal of frustration by asking the courier company before your parcel is collected.
  3. Once it is on its way, your parcel is likely to be handled many times before reaching its destination, which is why it’s crucial to ensure your parcel is safely packaged before collection. Using a sufficiently strong box, as well as bubble wrap to keep the item away from the sides of the box, should be a priority – particularly with items that are delicate.

Whether you’re sending a gift to India or a business parcel to America, properly preparing your package is going to go a long way to ensuring your delivery gets there in one piece.

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  1. It’s definitely important to make sure your package is safe and secure before sending it off. As safe as couriers can try to be, unintended damage can occur during the shipping process. Having an extra layer of protection for your items can help insure a safe travel for your package, and can save you and your courier a lot of headache and worry. Thanks for the article.

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