3 Reasons You Should Attend As Many Tradeshows As Possible

trade-show-displayAs a small business owner, getting your company’s name out there is key. One way to do this is by attending tradeshows.  According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, over 14,000 tradeshows are held in the U.S., Canada and Mexico each year.  Whether you serve other businesses or sell directly to consumers, there is bound to be a tradeshow that fits your target market. Not sure you’re ready to attend? Here are three reasons to reconsider.

1. You can instantly build a network of potential customers.  If you exhibit your business at a tradeshow, you have the opportunity to collect information from everyone who stops by your booth. Some smaller shows may even give you a list of attendees if you ask.  Make sure to have a paper or electronic signup sheet and get permission to add those visitors to your mailing list. Use that list to send a special “after the show” deal to all those you met there.

2. Potential joint ventures can be formed.  In addition to new customers, you could also gain new partners who can help you promote your products and services.  For example, if you make all natural hair products and attend a beauty show, you could find salons willing to resell your products in return for referring your current customers to them.  This can also work for service-based businesses.  A marketing strategist could meet a blogger and a PR person and then decide to run a paid teleconference on promoting your business on and offline.  The possibilities are endless.  Just remember to step outside of your own exhibit to visit the other businesses in attendance.

3. The show can build trust in your products and services. A big part of many tradeshow booths is show and tell. Customers are able to test drive your programs or physically touch and use your products to see if they like them.  If a potential customer can see that your goods work at the booth, they will be more likely purchase them than if they just saw a product shot on your website. You should find out more information about tradeshow displays to make sure you get one that represents your brand and makes product/service demonstrations easy.

Attending one show is great but making a point to go to all shows that are both within budget and advertised to your target market could grow your business exponentially.

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