3 Reasons Why an Untested or Poorly Tested Website Could Harm the Reputation of Your Small Business

You’ve probably put a great deal of thought into how your small business website will look and function but may not have dedicated the same amount of time to thinking about how and why to test your website before bringing it to the public. Fortunately, it’s easy to do that and keep costs down by depending on a company that offers offsite software testing. That approach could lead to more satisfied customers.

Customers May Not Freely Give Their Feedback or Even Know How to Reach Out

Although all customers have different things that annoy them more than others, there are certain things most people collectively hate about the websites they visit. For example, they may not like that your website does not work properly on smartphones or get frustrated because it loads too slowly on all platforms.

Even worse, they may not openly share the things they dislike with you or be aware of how to get in touch at all. If that is the case, you may be under the impression that your site is working as it should and that customers love it, only to be confused about why your traffic levels are declining steadily over time.

If you hire a testing team that is willing to take the time required to find all the things about your site that are problematic, the likelihood of customers experiencing issues goes down significantly. When customers stay quiet about the things that are wrong with your site, you won’t even know shortcomings exist. However, a company that provides offshore testing can go through a thorough process to uncover possible troubling aspects and recommend ways to resolve them before your site goes live.

An Ugly or Dysfunctional Website Could Give Bad Impressions About Your Overall Business

Sometimes even without realizing it, people start to form opinions about the websites they come across while browsing the internet. There are certain things that separate good websites from bad ones. For example, it’s usually easy for individuals to find what they need at the good sites, but while visiting a website most people would consider bad, those visitors may struggle to locate information or even have trouble reading it because of things like small fonts and impractical color schemes, both of which greatly hinder ease of viewing.

By not making sure your website looks nice and functions as intended during the testing process, you might end up launching something that is not a fair representation of your overall business. Although it may be the case that you are very careful when running your business and interacting with customers, it is hard for potential clients to believe that if they visit your website and see it doesn’t meet their expectations.

When people see a website that is not attractive and is hard to use, they are not likely to put their trust in you about the offline portions of your business.  They’ll simply assume the website is a reflection of how you run your whole business and give their patronage to another company.

Some People Are Reluctant to Give Second Chances

Because the internet has a low barrier to entry, there are very few ideas, companies, and products that are entirely unique. In the modern era, the key to succeeding as a business that operates in the online realm is to do certain things better than competitors. Over time, the ways you excel could translate into brand loyalty. However, after having one major problem, a customer may decide there are other companies that offer similar things and that it would be better to do business with one of them instead of continually dealing with the stress your website causes.

Rest assured, thorough, offshore software testing from experienced, reliable companies like QAwerk could be the thing that helps make customers glad they chose to do business with you and intend to keep that habit over a long-term basis. Sales, loyalty programs, and free items may make disgruntled customers come back in some cases but it’s better to do what you can to make sure visitors never have problems that make them upset.

After considering these three realities, you might be especially compelled to hire an offshore testing team. Doing so could lead to an excellent site that keeps customers happy.

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