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Why Use Cloud Services?

Why Use Cloud Services?

If you have ever used a PC or Microsoft product, you have probably heard about Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Even if you have heard of these different services; you may not know why you should be interested in them. 

OneDrive is the cloud-based storage solution that Microsoft offers. You can access it if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365. Microsoft does offer access to OneDrive for free. The free option gives you 5GB of storage. You can keep files that you have created or working on, on your computer and then sync them to the cloud. Once you sync them to the cloud, you can access those files from any computer or device. It is as simple as logging into OneDrive. If you are using Windows 10 or Microsoft Edge, you can easily set up synchronization, sharing, and storage. They all work together under the Microsoft umbrella. You can even save your passwords across the applications. 

Not only does OneDrive give you fast and secure access to your cloud space from any device, but you can also share and back up your work with OneDrive. The 5 GB of free storage is a great way for you to start if you are uncertain about the usefulness of OneDrive. If you save a couple of files there that you have to share or work across different devices, you quickly find out how effortless the process is. You are more likely to want to keep using it. When using Windows 10, it automatically defaults to saving your work. You do not have any worries because your work automatically saves as you go. Long gone are the days when you have to click save every 5 minutes, so you do not lose any work. 

You can create and select the location where you want your documents to be stored. For example, if you want a music folder where you can store all your songs, you can create that. You can easily delete any files you want from your OneDrive and can also update the settings so that it does not auto synch to the cloud. You do not have to have windows enabled computer to use OneDrive. Even those with a Mac operating system can use OneDrive. Even if you had some reservations about using cloud storage systems, you should consider giving OneDrive a fair try. You will be glad you did. 

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