Why Search Engine Optimization Matters for New Small Businesses

Everybody on the Internet tells new small businesses they need an online presence, which at a minimum includes three things: a social media account, presence forums, and a website. However, what a lot of advice sources forget to mention is that simply being on the Internet is not enough. That’s like standing in the middle of a desert without telling anyone where you went. No one knows. Instead, your presence has to be known and flagged for anyone to find a new business.
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Why Search Engine Optimization Matters for New Small Businesses

A Working Example

Let’s assume for a moment a new small business wants to start up involving home technology installations. They’re going to be tracking all types of home technology trends, like entertainment systems, home networks, home Internet of Things system setups, home video monitoring, and so on. The business involves service and may even provide downstream products as part of its installation work. So how does that small business get known and become visible in the local or regional home technology market it operates in?

Granted, there’s the standard approach to website building, social media account creation on the major channels, and providing regular helpful tips on forums that consumers go to for finding home tech answers. But that’s not enough. Small businesses need to be found when people first go to the Internet or use mobile search to solve a problem. The trick is in the SEO strategy.

SEO Presence-Building

Search is one of the most consistently powerful ways to tap into e-commerce online. It is the number one go-to resource for solving problems today, and two-thirds of search is done with mobile devices versus desktop computers. Even more powerful, local search is often what connects consumers with local small businesses. So, it’s to the small businesses’ benefit to tap into this resource, but how?

The strategy starts first with understanding what people are looking for in-home technology trends and related help. What they search for is key, and the terms used are the link that can bring them to a small business’ website online. Utilizing SEO analytics, which analyzes the most popular words people use to search for home technology issues, a business can craft exactly the terms that would likely get the business the most attention from search engine metacrawlers, the programs that track and add websites to search engine repositories. Those repositories are then used to answer consumer searches.

SEO and Beyond

However, there’s more. Where one appears on a search result matters. If a business is not on the first three pages, it doesn’t exist for practical matters. So, the company has to boost its presence online to make its search tags resonate loudly with search engines today. That’s where social media and websites come into play. By building content that people regularly want to read, and providing a constant social media presence, a business and its website become relevant. Then search engines rank those businesses higher, which in turn creates more traffic. 

The above sounds simple, but it takes a lot of work. And your small business needs to focus on its core functions. This is why outsourcing SEO-build expertise makes a lot of sense when starting up. Get help, get noticed, and get growing online!

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