Why Linux Web Hosting is a Good Fit for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises


A powerful web presence plays a critical role in etching an effective business roadmap of an enterprise. For those working on stringent budgets, typically the Small and Medium Businesses, the task of selecting a web hosting platform that is scalable and sustainable in the long run is super-critical. Cost effectiveness, uptime score and technological upgrade are three parameters that rule the entire decision making process. For the entire web hosting world, Windows and Linux are positioned as the best offerings available and therefore, most of the enterprises end up deciding between the two.

Realistically, when it comes to taking the pick, the two factors that drive the SMB choices are the complexity of the website to be hosted and the investment capacity. For a hatchling enterprise that’s just starting off with the web, Linux web hosting is in most cases the safe choice, so much so that most companies offer it as the default labeled Web Hosting.

OS Capabilities & Enterprise Goals

According to industry veterans, Linux is a one stop shop operating system solution that offers the webmasters an increased flexibility to leverage powerful programming languages like PERL, PHP, and Python. The LAMP architecture transforms Linux from just an operating system to a clear web service solution. The flexibility to customize applications as per the website requirements makes it a power packed choice for SMBs.

The central role that Linux plays in web development can be explained by the prevalence of LAMP usage among developers. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (the P in LAMP could also mean Perl or Python, but it is mostly PHP). It is a platform for web development that uses Linux as the Operating System, Apache as the web server, MySQL as the Database, and PHP as the programming language. Application development in popular frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. also draws on the LAMP platform, which explains why most SMBs opt for Linux web hosting plans as it is highly compatible with these open source platforms.

Consequently, these platforms are open source, developers also get complete access to a library of free tools that are essential for building a website. Secondly, finding skilled resources to execute the development task at affordable pricing is an essential requisite for SMB’s to consider before narrowing down on a web hosting solution. Fortunately, open source languages like PHP and MySQL offer that advantage. Hiring professional programmers or agencies that specialize in these technologies is both pocket-friendly and an easier exercise as they are more commonly found skillsets.

Why does Linux Score for Small & Medium Enterprise?

  • Security- Constant innovation and collaboration has enabled the Linux ecosystem to emerge as one of the safest environments for web hosting. For SMBs, this is huge as they cannot afford to invest in additional software separately.


  • Accessibility and availability of tools- The massive community of open source developers have continuously collaborated to create a comprehensive line of tools and applications that enable an enterprise to manage and monitor web traffic easily.


  • Community Support – Being open source software and a market leader in web servers, it is relatively easier to get help from the vibrant online community for any assistance. It is important to note that the Linux community has over a considerable period of time has put together resources that is available online and also with almost all the Linux distributors. To add to it, each distro is connected to web forums and discussion panels for technical support and reference. As a result, Linux web hosting has secured a comfortable space in the web hosting choice list.


  • Total Cost of Ownership – SMB’s that have opted for shared hosting plans that are driven by Linux software environment are likely to pay less. Hosting providers rely upon Linux, because of minimal licensing fee and overall stability of the platform. Therefore, the total cost of ownership of a hosting plan that comes with the badge of Linux is bound to be less, even with the enterprise support.


  • Customization- The open source environment makes it possible for developers or hosting providers to customize the hosting plans, thus mapping it to the business needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Undoubtedly, Linux web hosting is just the solution that offers the kind of competitive advantage that an SMB needs to thrive and flourish in a dynamic business environment.

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