Why Branded Promo Merch Is A Must

In the age of digital business, it is often said that branded promo merch is out of date – or that is an expense that you don’t need to consider. 

Reddit grew at an exponential rate- thanks to stickers. So never underestimate the power of a fantastic branded promo and a plan. 

So why do you need branded merch, and what will it do for your business? 

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Brand recognition

Think about the most famous logos you know; you relate them directly to the brand and probably name almost every product they sell. This is exactly what we mean by talking about brand recognition. If your buyers can recognize your brand and know what you sell, you are on to a winner.

However, in the early days distributing promotional items was one of the quickest ways to get your logo color, colors, and name out there. Things like pens, keyrings, and even embroidered T-shirts so long as the embroidery is professional will be worn and used for years.

Don’t be afraid to put a goodie bag together for other brands and companies that you want to work with. Send them a package with a range of your branded merchandise and an excellent introduction to who you are and what you do.


One of the most enjoyable things about creating branded promotional merchandise is that the prices are very low. When it comes to mass distribution, this is one of the best options. 

Of course, much of your marketing budget will probably go on digital, and that’s fine.

But you might be surprised just how competitive the pricing is and how much you can get for your cash.


It’s a strange phenomenon, but people like to collect branded items from their favorite companies. Even if it requires them to buy additional products.  

Makeup companies are an excellent example of this; after a specific price point in the basket (like $30 of products), they might throw in some of their own branded items, including their own branded skincare or accessories like hairbrushes and eye masks.

Of course, you’ll need to find something that works for you – but it can cement brand loyalty. 

The best business card

Sure, handing out a business card is great, but you know that you can walk away with 50+ business cards if you’ve been to a networking event. 

However, if you can hand out something that they’re going to find useful, and enjoy you’re more likely to be remembered. Business people often use mugs, USB sticks, thermos flasks, and notebooks.

You’re more likely to be remembered if you can give them something with a bit of added extra.

Offer promotional goods to attract customers. Ensure the goods are thoughtful and well-planned. 

Consider a well-planned giveaway campaign that includes a lot of your branded merchandise. This is a great way to get coverage, lots of eyes on the brand – and secure that all-important UGC. 

Branded promo materials aren’t just nice to have – they can change the way your business is viewed. 

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