What’s the Right Storage Solution for Your Business?

cloud-technology-smlMany businesses eventually need to seek out an external storage solutions. It’s especially crucial if you run a commerce business that has large inventory. There are several different options available to you, but which is the right one for your business?


While the majority of self-storage facilities are rented by private customers, 40% of space was taken up by businesses. This is the result of a growing trend amongst small businesses operating entirely from the facility. Technological necessities like Wi-Fi have become standard, and this is becoming the go-to options for companies in urban cities where property and renting prices have become too high. Self-storage providers like seasidestorage.com aim to offer flexible monthly contracts that allow users to upsize or downsize as they need to. Facilities are also able to sign for deliveries as well as offer 24-hour CCTV surveillance, break-in alarms, and protection against fires. Many of the facilities offer 24-hour access, too, giving business owners unlimited access to their stock.


If your business is in need of more space, then you’ll want to look into a warehousing facility. Many facilities offer the option to adjust your square footage as you need it. This flexible approach is ideal for businesses who see most of the company’s sales occur at a particular part of the year. Now you’ll be able to upgrade your real estate as you need it, rather than paying for more space than you need throughout the year. Howard Tenens Logistics offer a similar feature, with options ranging from 5,000ft² to 280,000ft².

Cloud Storage

The wildcard option. Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular for small businesses who want to backup their data safely. Microsoft’s OneDrive service offers the first 15GB of storage for free, but business users can further expand on this via monthly contracts. Business users can currently take advantage of to 1TB of data (that’s 1,000GB) for just £5.99 p/m and that includes access to Office 365. To put this into practical terms, a standard eighteen inch, three drawer filing cabinet would hold around 125,000 sheets of paper. If you were to convert these documents into digital files, it would only take up around 2.5GB of space. If you’re just looking to backup documents, cloud storage will more than cover your needs. With this technology, you’ll be able to access your documents anytime from a variety of different devices, such as your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Depending on the type of business you run, you should choose the solution that seems the best fit for your company. How does your company handle it’s storage needs? Let us know in the comments below.

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