What Every Great Business Website Needs

If your business relies on a web presence to discover new potential customers, to amplify your brand to a new audience and to generate sales and leads, then it’s very important that you ensure that it’s fit for purpose. A well-designed business website full of high quality, engaging content that performs well on any device and offers your target audience the best user experience is always going to pay long term dividends by way of more visits from happy customers and increased profitability for your business. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the key features you should aim to integrate into any successful business website.

Great websites are mobile friendly

Not only are most website visits now made on a mobile device of some sort, but they are also responsible for around half of all online transactions. It’s absolutely critical that your business website is mobile friendly and preferably responsive. Fast, mobile friendly designs are going to rank higher in Google and get found more often in mobile searches, so don’t miss out on all that extra traffic.

Great websites are user friendly

The greatest websites are the easiest to use without compromising on great design; simplicity is usually the best approach. 76% of website visitors indicated that the most important factor in their visit to a website is how easy it is to use. First impressions are huge and the objective of a truly great website is to get the visitor to their desired content and funneled down to the requisite conversion point as quickly and efficiently as possible. You only have seconds to get this right, so think about investing in a little help from the experts. The Digivante website testing team can help you transform your good business website into a GREAT business website.

Great websites leverage social proof

One of the most important features of a great website is its ability to garner trust and advocacy for your brand. Closely aligning your web content strategy with your social media output is a great way to feed a constant connection between your existing, happy customers (and the great experience they have with you) and your potential new customers as they explore your website. Everything from featuring honest product or service reviews on your website to integrating content feeds from key social platforms will all help to create an environment where folks new to your brand can quickly identify an emotional connection between you, your products and your existing customer base; increasing confidence and sales.

Great websites are secure websites.

Everybody is concerned about privacy these days. Never has so much of our personal and financial information been so widely disseminated across such a huge digital network. As well as allaying your customers’ privacy fears (reminding them you won’t sell their email address to the nearest invasive marketing juggernaut) but ensuring that your website is technically secure in terms of online payments and eCommerce features is critical. Make sure you have a requisite SSL certificate, perhaps two-factor authentication as an extra security layer and a robust firewall to protect your paying customers.

Your business website might be good, but with a little focused attention, you could make it great.

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