Website Woes? Make a Better Impression Online With Your Business

As a business, a good company website is one of the most important things to get right. It’s your chance to make a good first impression and grab the customer’s attention. Get this wrong with something that looks cheap and amateurish, and people will assume that your products and services are the same, or might even think you’re a scam/ fake company.

Well built websites have been shown to generate more sales and have better customer traffic too, which of course is crucial when it comes to the success of your business.  If you hire a web development company they will be able to ensure that everything is done correctly, but here are a few elements that need to be right.



A key thing to get right when it comes to a website is the navigation. It should all be intuitive with information that’s easy to find and simple to understand. This will make it quick and easy for customers to click through and find exactly what they’re looking for. Aim to keep all menu links relevant, they should be organised with good sub-categories if needed.



How the content itself is structured is something that you should pay close attention to. It’s worth noting that users like to skim through information and pick out points of interest rather than reading everything in depth, and so organising it well will allow them to do this. Always break down information into paragraphs which are easy to read, with subheadings and bullet points where necessary.



A visible search bar is necessary on any blog or website. This is because the visitor might be looking for something that isn’t shown on the first page, and being able to search means they don’t have to trawl through the entire site. This could be the difference between someone finding information they want and deciding to make a purchase. Or just clicking off entirely.


Contact Information

Clear contact information shows that your business is trustworthy, and that customers are able to easily get in contact should there be an issue with their transaction. Without this being clearly shown, you risk potential customers leaving your site where they were dubious of taking a chance. Another important thing to add to your contact information is your social media information, this gives customers another chance to see you are a legitimate business and provides another way to get in touch.


A Company Blog

A company blog is useful for a website in many ways. It can help to drive more traffic to your website since every time you write a blog post, you get another indexed page on your site. This gives you more opportunity to show up in search engines and can gain you traffic to your website in organic search. Unlike static web pages, blog posts have the potential to be shared across social media too, which again will drive more traffic your way. A blog also shows that you know what you are talking about in the field of your business.

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