The Big Injury Risks You Need To Be Aware Of In The Workplace

Whether you’re an employer who is trying to create the safest possible workplace, or you’re an employee who is trying to look out for their health, being aware of the common causes of injuries and accidents at work can be vital. Here, we’re going to look at some of those most frequent injury risks and what can be done about them.

The Big Injury Risks You Need To Be Aware Of In The Workplace
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Overexertion and stress

If you’re noticing the signs of stress, exertion, and tiredness at work, it’s not a sign that you should think about trying to push through as quickly as possible. Dealing with stress, aches, and losing focus due to tiredness can all greatly increase the risk of an accident even in the most mundane and frequently repeated of work tasks. You should rather make sure that breaks are built into the work schedule as effectively as possible to mitigate these risks.

Slips, trips, and falls

Anyone can fall victim to gravity. It’s one of the most common causes of accidents across all sectors, as any slip and fall lawyer can tell you, and it’s also a major legal liability. Employees should be aware of the legal help that’s available to them if they’re injured by a fall. Everyone in the workplace should keep an eye out for slipping and falling hazards, such as ill-maintained floors, obstructions in the walkways, and the like.

Vehicle collisions

Any worker who is in a vehicle needs to get the appropriate training to make sure that they’re prepared to drive safely on the road. Effective training and frequent breaks are crucial to keep them in good driving condition, and you can use tracking software to get a better idea of their driving habits to see what issues you can help address to make them safer drivers. Drivers and vehicles in warehouse settings can be particularly accident-prone, as well, so even more focus on safe driving habits needs to be maintained there.

Manual handling issues

Regardless of what kind of business or workplace it is, if lifting objects is a frequent duty, then care has to be ensured to make sure that you are teaching your team the appropriate lifting techniques. You should also consider whether any equipment to help them lift heavy objects, such as braces or trolleys, can help reduce the physical load and increased injury risks.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Not every injury comes as a result of trying to complete physically demanding tasks. A lot of workers can get injured by items no more imposing than an office chair. Poor ergonomics is a leading cause of back pain, which is rated as the single most common work disability. Ensuring good posture at the desk through a mixture of ergonomic furniture and frequent breaks can be crucial.

A full safety audit of the workplace is needed to truly ensure that you’re keeping in mind every risk as best as possible. However, with a focus on the areas above, you can at least get started in addressing some of the most potentially costly issues standing out.

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